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Enquire Grant Lifecycle Management Model


Best practice grant lifecycle management for Government, Non Profits, NGOs and Foundations.


Application and Submission

Take control of the grant lifecycle starting with capturing application and contact data to drive streamlined grant application management.

Create, publish and manage online grant applications and submissions

Enquire Grants Management 1

Assessment and Award

With Enquire manage the assessment and award processes, including prioritization and financial management and grant contracts.

Manage application reviews, and award contracts and funds

Enquire Grants Management 2

Execution and Delivery

Enquire provides tools to easily track grant project progress, manage milestones and payments, and monitor contacts and commuications with grant takers.

Track, manage and ensure visibility on grant funded projects

Financials and Milestones

Enquire provides the ability to manage payments, forecast financials, and keep ahead of milestone payments with real time budget management.

Manage grant finances and milestone delivery

Enquire Grant Management 3

Reporting and Acquittal

Finalize contracts and payments. Set up automated and scheduled reports, or create ad hoc reports on budget reports, application status and pipeline, compliance, project delivery, and fund recipients on the fly.

Manage compliance and report on performance

Enquire Grant Management 3

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Key Features

Enquire Grant Lifecycle Management features easy to configure options, including:

Report Generation

Report Generation

Using reporting templates, define data, align to...

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Payments, Refunds and Journals

Payments, Refunds and Journals

Manage payments, refunds and automate financial journals...

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Authoring and Publishing

Authoring and Publishing

Create and publish online application forms, project...

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Enquire Features

Enquire offers a wide range of integrated features to streamline administration and improve lifecycle management.


The Tactiv Advantage

Cloud based “software as a service” solution for grant, contract and program lifecycle management for government, foundations, non-profits and NGOs since 2005.

Online, easy to use and secure best practice software with full support.

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    Web Based,
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  • Built-on-Best-Practice-Standards

    Built on Best
    Practice Standards

  • Enterprise-Class-Solution

    Class Solution

  • Software-as-a-Service-(Saas)-License

    Software as a Service
    (Saas) License

  • Integrate-with-Existing-Systems

    Integrate with
    Existing Systems

  • Monthly-User-Based-Pricing

    Monthly User-Based

  • Full-Support-and-Training

    Full Support
    and Training

  • No-Bandwidth-or-Hosting-Fees

    No Bandwidth
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