The power of Enquire

At Tactiv we are passionate about empowering organisations to do good, better. With Enquire, our grant, contract and impact reporting software, we help organisations make better decisions. Better visibility, better decisions, better outcomes.

Tactiv are the creators of Enquire. Enquire is an enterprise grant, contract and impact reporting software solution. It streamlines administrative tasks, improves governance and transparency to information and allows organisations to report on the impact, benefits and outcomes of their programs.

The value of Enquire

Our software helps you take control of your program management with a full grant lifecycle solution – from publishing and assessing applications to contract management and impact reporting. Make great decisions every day and show your full impact with ease using Enquire.

Enquire’s 4 promises


With Enquire, we make your grant, contract and impact reporting processes easier. The software is intuitive and user-friendly. Form builders are easy to use to design applications and assessment as you like and according to your organisation’s requirements. Enquire streamlines your application and review process using increased transparency. All information regarding applicants and clients is saved in a central space – one source of truth. This allows for easy access to information and for generating contracts and documents with one click only.


Connect your team, partners and systems to keep everyone on track. With operational, financial, reporting and impact functionality, Enquire offers an integrated and efficient grant management, contract management and impact reporting solution. The software provides instant access to all relevant data for stakeholders with clear visibility and reliable information to act on.


Our cloud-based grant management, contract management and impact reporting software provides a reliable and transparent platform to maintain and protect governance and auditability of your people, processes and information management. Configure user permissions and security levels based on role and change access as needed without coding, permissions for external stakeholders included.


Use the features you want when you want with flexibility that respond and adapt as your needs change and grow.  Forms and reports are configurable without need for coding to suit your funding objectives and to rapidly adjust or scale up when demand changes or increases. This makes Enquire suitable from small NFP’s to enterprise agencies.

How does Enquire take your grant management (and your outcomes!) to the next level?

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