New Features to Improve Grant Project Budget Management in Enquire

New grant project budget management features include additional options to customise budget project templates, group payments and refunds, and link and track budget tasks.

Enquire now offers a range of new features and options to help you better manage your grant project budgets.

New budget management features include additional options to customise budget project templates, group payments and refunds, and link and track budget tasks.

What’s New?

Enquire System Release 11.4 introduced a variety of new features designed to improve how you manage your grant project budgets including:

  • Configuration options for the Budget Breakdown, Payments and Refunds project templates
  • Ability to process and track refunds and funding lapses via the Budget Breakdown tab
  • New optional levels to group payments and refunds though the Work Breakdown Structure and General Ledger Accounts
  • Dynamic ability to link payments and refunds to project tasks and each other
  • Automatic linking of external contractors details to payments and refunds
  • Support for GST registration status of external contractors, now reflected on payments and refunds

Budget Project Templates
Enquire has introduced improvements to support advanced customisation of project budgets, payments and refunds through project template configuration.

Budget management project templates now offer additional configuration options. This means you can better administer and manage your budgets with configurable options like tailoring a project budget to reflect inclusion or exclusion of tax, supporting multiple funding sources or incorporate a budget review process. Payments and refunds can also be configured to cater for different taxation rates and types associated with local and international contractors and suppliers.

Budget management project templates can also be customised to support business processes that differ for internally and externally delivered projects. For example an external application must undertake a budget review process, whereas internal projects do not.

Group and Align Payments and Refunds

Enquire’s Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and General Ledger (Gl) Accounts now offer optional levels of grouping payments and refunds. These improvements will help you better align project budgets with existing financial management and business processes in your organisation.

A WBS and Gl Account can now be applied to individual projects or to a grant round. When applied to a grant round all individual projects are updated as well. Once set up, the WBS and Gl Accounts are automatically recorded on project payments and available for selection within refunds. System administrators can change the WBS and Gl Accounts associated with payments through the Budget Breakdown tab.

Linking and Tracking Budget Tasks
Enquire continues to streamline budget task tracking processes. You can now use Enquire to link payments and refunds to other project tasks to enhance traceability. Plus alerts can be configured to deliver timely notifications.

Task management options are highly configurable. For example, your organisation may only issue payments after baseline milestones are completed.

Project managers can schedule an alert so they are notified at the completion of the final task and at any time track progress via the payment or through the Tasks tab.

New configuration options for budget management project templates, payment and refund grouping and alignment, and linking and tracking options are now available to Enquire clients.

More information and detailed instructions about these features can be found on the Enquire help site. Contact our Help Desk or call us on +61 7 3846 1555 for more information and assistance.

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