Abt JTA Crosses Geographic Boundaries with Tactiv to Manage Grants Online

Abt JTA manage contracts with dozens of aid delivery agents and agencies, and act as an intermediary in the delivery of contracted services.Choosing Enquire Abt JTA can streamline grant project management with Enquire's ability to manage grants online, including all contracts and projects.

Abt JTA manage contracts with dozens of international aid delivery agents and agencies, and act as an intermediary in the delivery of contracted services. With operations in remote and challenging environments including developing countries such as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, communication can be haphazard and grant contract processes difficult to manage and track.


Health and social sector consulting and project management organisation working domestically and throughout the Asia Pacific region in the public and private sectors.

Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

Quick lesson
Geographical boundaries are erased and data integrity is enhanced by using an online full lifecycle grants and contracts management system.

The challenge
Abt JTA is a firm providing a comprehensive range of services from policy to service delivery within the international health and social sector.

The client manages grant contracts under various programs and tracks payments for multiple stakeholders. Financial payments are released in tranches which creates complex reporting for tranche management during payments, expenditures and acquittals.

Due to the number of contracts and disparate locations, a consistent method of naming and identifying contracts was difficult to maintain previously. In addition to the contractual components, each grant required documenting various items of information. Letters, emails, financial receipts and project information did not have a central repository where items were accessible to all relevant project team members.

The solution
Abt JTA implemented Tactiv’s Enquire Grantcycle Management as its grants and contracts management software system. All grants contracts were migrated online. Enquire extended its Tasks management section for Projects. This feature allowed Enquire to support Abt JTA’s specific needs regarding the various tranche statuses, plus linked in financials to enable Abt JTA to track their payments and acquittals online.

Tactiv configured Enquire Grantcycle Management’s custom reporting to allow the client to download pre-formatted information into reports to ensure consistency and access to up-to-date data for all project staff.

To assist with grant record keeping, Enquire installed auto-ID on all grant projects entered into Enquire. The auto-IDs could be edited if required or maintained for a filing structure.

The result:
Ability to manage the grant contract lifecycle, including contract payment tracking, integration with task allocation and document management online.

1) Online grant information
Grant programs are created in Enquire Grantcycle Management as they are developed by Abt JTA. Grants are entered into the system and assigned an auto-ID for consistent record maintenance. The grant lifecycle can be tracked by staff with the appropriate role and access. Enquire is the single and central point of truth for grant information for Abt JTA’s Brisbane based head office and in country staff.

2) Task allocation
Key grant tasks are developed in Enquire Grantcycle Management to create a Workplan. Tasks are assigned to team members and can be tracked through the Enquire Tasks portlet. This provides an overview on how grant management activities are tracking. Automated alerts are set up and sent to relevant people as reminders for important items.

3) Tranche payment tracking
The complex payment process is tracked through the new Tranche fields which cater for 3 contract stakeholders. These tranche payments and tracking are then downloaded in the quick click formatted reports by staff.

4) Document and correspondence filing
Abt JTA created a consistent filing system for each of their grants. Invoices, signed documents and other core project documentation is stored within each grant record. Abt JTA tag important correspondence using Fileit@enQuire and emails are automatically recorded against client records for ease of records management.

Enquire Grantcycle Management provides Abt JTA with an end-to-end grants and contracts management system that supports the full grant and contract lifecycle, and includes their own specific requirements.

The system not only centralizes the data and management of the business processes, it extends system features across geographical boundaries to all team members and stakeholders.

For more information on Tactiv’s Enquire Grantcycle Management system please contact Tactiv or call us on +61 7 3846 1555.

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