In 2019 Make Great Decisions Every Day

Governments, foundations, non-profits and corporates face ever growing demands to demonstrate their impact. In 2019 Enquire is helping them make better decisions every day.

There has never been more attention on governments, foundations and non-profits and corporates about the real impact they have in a social and environmental sense. We know our clients find themselves in a much better position to meet this expectation and at the same time make great decisions every day on what is funded and reporting on what is achieved. Demands for more community responsiveness, efficient administration, ability to demonstrate evidence on funding impacts and growing pressure for digital modernisation will only continue to grow throughout 2019 and beyond.

2018 was a critical year for Tactiv with the go live of our first clients on the upgraded Enquire platform. The platform has taken all the insight and experience we have gained over the last 10 years and produced a platform designed to support our client’s needs today and into the future. “Keeping Enquire Evergreen”, our ongoing improvement roadmap, will bring the fresh ideas and requirements both our new and existing clients are adopting as they use Enquire. The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade now oversee 4,000 separate contracts, distributing $700million annually and tracking 30 programs, and existing clients, like the Office of Emergency Management NSW and Sport and Recreation Queensland, are taking advantage of the benefits of moving to the latest Enquire upgrade.

We have become a trusted technology partner for our clients helping them make great decisions every day. All software users are demanding greater agility and flexibility in their technology partners and software. We know that organisations can’t afford to make the mistakes of the past having all their eggs in the one basket with big systems that are expensive to implement and maintain. They are embracing new providers and technologies that minimise the risk and make the most of existing investment.

Moving into 2019 Tactiv has set ambitious milestones that support our clients to succeed, grow and improve their business decision making. Our roadmap advances Enquire’s sector leading capabilities including:

  • Easy to use tools for full lifecycle management including automation, notifications and surveys
  • Improved collaboration and interactive capability for relationship management across teams, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders
  • Advanced progress reporting features to enhance impact and outcomes demonstration capability

Our clients want to improve their capacity to do more with what they have. As an example, we know that the current grant giving process is inefficient and wastes resources. It is estimated that 70% of grant applications are unsuccessful. Social and environmental program management needs to be more strategic and harness the data already available like Geographical, and ABS data to better target investment and measure outcome. Enquire will grow its ability to integrate important national and international reporting frameworks and regulatory compliance requirements.

Enquire’s reporting tools will make it easy to show data that helps make great decisions every day and access to data analytics tools will be essential.

In 2019 the pace of change will continue. Overall the sector will face increasing pressure to modernise technology. Grant, contract and impact reporting software must successfully support agility in new approaches to funding programs, provide a platform for a data-driven organisation and empower engagement across all stakeholders, including our communities, in understanding impact.

The good news is that with Enquire our clients are already at the leading edge and are well positioned to grow and succeed as we continue to invest in Enquire.

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