Customise and Improve Reporting in 3 Steps with Enquire

Enquire’s saved searches means program and contracts managers can set up saved searches for regular reports to ensure consistency and save time administering and extracting data.

Enquire’s saved searches assist program and contracts managers to generate consistent reports easily and repeatedly.  Here are three easy steps to minimise administrative overhead during repetitive day-to-day processes.

1. Identify report requirements 

A program manager overseeing a grant round may run a daily report to review and track assessment progress.

For example, the report would identify applications which have been approved and indicate which funding category they fall in.

2. Set up the query by adding the relevant columns and filters to your search

Filtering the search results allows you to refine the results before querying or exporting data. Once the query has been set up, it can be saved so it can be returned to at any time.

3.  Open saved search to return to previously configured report

Enquire’s saved searches will return the latest changes so staff have access to the up-to-date data and queries can be reused across successive periods of a grant round. A saved search can be easily updated to align with changes to business processes or reporting standards.

Setting up saved searches for all your regular reports ensures consistency and saves time administering and extracting data.

If you have any questions on how to save searches and improve reporting in Enquire contact the Tactiv Client Services today.

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