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Is Scalable Grant Software the Solution to Navigating a Changing Grant Landscape?

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The ever-evolving grant landscape

There is no doubt the grant landscape is changing rapidly, but it can be challenging to find a way to navigate this efficiently. Could scalable grant software play a role in this?

Developments in technology, industry trends and evolving funding priorities, regulations and application processes are all reasons for this. It’s important for grant managers to stay informed of developments and shifting priorities in order to respond to societal needs, compliance and stay mission-aligned.

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Why is scalability important?

Scalable grant software provides resilience and configurability that proves to be extremely valuable in times of change. How does this work?

When software can be scaled up and down, and reconfigured to your needs within short timeframes, it provides an almost immediate response to what your organisation needs. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Adjusting the grant application process

Grant managers needs to adapt their application process to meet the changing requirements and preferences of applicants. This may involve modifying evaluation criteria, addressing specific challenges outlined by funders or adjusting automations and workflows. Adapting these processes to align with evolving expectation requires agility and flexibility, which is something configurable and scalable grant software offers.

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Compliance with new regulations

As grant regulations and reporting requirements change, grant managers must ensure their organisation remains compliant. This may involve understanding new financial reporting standards, adjusting data collection methods, or incorporating additional reporting elements. Staying compliant with evolving regulations can be complex and time-consuming, requiring thorough attention to detail. Where it can be challenging to reflect changes in bespoke systems, agile scalable and configurable software enables users to implement changes immediately.

Managing grant relationships

Building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders is crucial for securing funding and managing grants effectively. However, as the grant landscape changes, grant managers may need to establish relationships with new funders or adapt their existing relationships to align with shifting priorities. This requires effective communication, relationship-building tools, and the ability to navigate different stakeholder expectations. Online accessibility, role-based permissions and built-in communication with external stakeholders are part of grant systems such as Enquire. The configurable, scalable nature of the software allows these features to be used to scale grant relationships up and down to meet current needs.

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Balancing workload and capacity

Adapting to a changing grant landscape often means taking on new opportunities or modifying existing projects. Grant managers must assess their organisation’s capacity to handle additional workload and ensure that resources are appropriately allocated. It can be challenging to strike a balance between administering new grants, managing existing grants, and maintaining operational efficiency. Managing resources around that becomes easier when grant software allows users to be added or removed when necessary or aligned with the amount of programs.

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Responding rapidly to urgent needs

External factors play a direct role in funding demands, leading to an immediate need to administer funds. Situations can occur where new programs or rounds have to be published within extremely short timeframes in order to provide relief to communities. Environmental events such as natural disasters are a good example of this, where disaster relief funding needs to be administered fast and effectively.

Scalable grant software provides the flexibility and short timeframes to respond to these immediate needs. Enquire enables you to publish new funding rounds within days, configure forms to changing needs yourself and bulk process applications for faster awarding.

The power of scalable grant software

Many factors play a role, but fact is that scalable grant software provides great relief when changes in the grant management landscape occur. The ability to adjust grant processes to the latest organisational needs, comply with new regulations in an instant, communicate effectively with stakeholders and add or remove programs, projects or users, is extremely valuable to navigate the changing grant landscape with success.

Enquire – Scalable, configurable and intuitive

Enquire is cloud-based, full lifecycle management software designed to reduce the administrative burden of doing good, while increasing your social outcomes. It provides enterprise business process capabilities to the government, not-for-profit, philanthropic, and social impact sectors in an easy to use, responsive interface. The scalable and configurable nature of Enquire makes for an agile solution that can be set up to suit your unique needs perfectly and withstands the dynamic grant landscape.

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