Yes, Reporting Can Be Fast and Easy

Everyone tasked with reporting knows it can be a major undertaking and wishes it was easier. Timelines arrive quickly and demands only increase. New regulations, compliance requirements and accountability for funds all compete for limited time.

Everyone tasked with reporting knows it can be a major undertaking and wishes it was easier. Timelines arrive quickly and demands only increase. New regulations, compliance requirements and accountability for funds all compete for limited time.

At Tactiv we understand that quality reporting offers critical transparency and useful insights for better decision-making, improved accuracy, accountability and ultimately better results.

Improved reporting via our Enquire Grantcycle Management, Contract Management and Project Portfolio Management solutions we have boosted staff productivity, organisational compliance and investor confidence for clients in the natural resource management, international aid and economic development sectors, among others.

Enquire makes reporting a part of the whole lifecycle in managing grants, contracts and projects. With our software clients can benefit from our approach to addressing 4 key issues: ensuring a single point of truth, improving accessibility, eliminating ad hoc processes, and providing flexible client configurability.

Single point of truth

Enquire is built upon a foundation of master data. This means all data in the system is provided from a single source, ensuring a single point of truth so that all activities that rely on data, like reporting, are in sync with the latest most accurate information.

Tools within Enquire can access, use and manipulate the underlying master data as the source informing all other activities, like reporting, workflows or client engagements. Validation, verifications and auto-population tools help ensure quality and accuracy.


Enquire provides easy and secure system access to team members, clients, suppliers, grant recipients, in-field project officers and others. The client can manage access so that users are able to interact with only the information and tools relevant to their needs.

By supporting extended access clients avoid data being recorded elsewhere, or data used by others being sourced separately. As Enquire products are interoperable they all rely on using common master data, rather than replicating for specific purposes.

Clients can manage users and access with roles and security settings in Enquire.

Eliminating Excel

It’s time to retire Excel. Software systems that do not support good data management result in work arounds or using other tools. These efforts may be efficient at the time, but result in important reporting data being held separately from master data, stored locally or duplicated in other systems databases.

This results in data not being available to other team members for reporting, out of date or erroneous data circulating in other systems and inability to access tracking and audit logs.

Enquire can be integrated with other key business systems to automate data interchange, and supports data exports in a variety of industry standard formats.


Grant, contract and project managers are continually responding to new demands and changes. By ensuring clients can quickly configure new reports with the data they need easily at hand they no longer risk creating new ad hoc processes that can reduce productivity and transparency.

Any data in the system can be queried and reported, including grant applicant status, workflow processes, budget and performance reports. Reporting can be scheduled and automated, or customised to a need in the moment.

Enquire offers a modern, simple to use interface that allows clients to configure reports, reporting templates and reporting schedules.

Enquire provides reporting capability and tools that serve the immediate needs of annual end of year reporting such as project status, budget and performance reports. Off the shelf reporting templates help automate getting started.

Enquire can model scenario planning, variation management and other frequent requests without rewriting master data or affecting operational processes. Flexible and personal reporting can provide details and data to an investor or multiple parties with ease.

With Enquire, clients can confidently report accurate, timely and effective information, and avoid data dysfunction consuming their valuable time and effort.

You are in good company

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Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Management software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and automates reporting across our 3 easy-to-use online solutions. 

  • Publish and administer online grant applications online
  • Manage grant contracts, projects and relationships
  • Report on grant status, budgets, milestones and impacts
  • Online contract repository for all contract documents
  • Generate contracts, set alerts and track contract status
  • Automate reporting, renewals and milestone tracking
  • Set and track plans, KPIs & impact goals
  • Collaborate externally, capture data and communicate
  • Grow investment and improve investor relations
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