Tactiv Launches Next Generation Enquire Grant, Contract and Project Enterprise Solution

With a new website Tactiv showcases the new Enquire™ platform, defining the future of enterprise software.

Tactiv have taken another step forward in defining the future of enterprise software with the release of its new Enquire grant, contract and project software solution.

Tactiv have launched a new website to showcase the new Enquire platform and products to the market.

Following our rebranding in 2016, we are now consolidating our web presence to help our clients and others better find and connect with us and our services.

The new Tactiv.net site will be our primary web presence, with enquire.net.au retiring over the coming weeks.

Our new site provides in-depth detail on our new Enquire™ product suite, including:

Each Enquire™ product offers flexible and configurable capability based on a range of features that together deliver full lifecycle capability for enterprise program management.

Our clients can find more information on the changes and what this means for accessing Enquire™, on their help site. Our team will be in touch to assist and answer any questions.

For more information on Tactiv’s new website and our Enquire solutions, please contact us.

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