Tactiv's Enquire™ is specially designed for government, foundations, NGOs and NFPs.

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Introducing Enquire

Enquire offers government agencies and not for profit organisations 6 ready to implement solutions that deliver flexible and full lifecycle management:

  • Manage any number of grant projects
  • Connect contracts, budgets and project schedules
  • Integrated solution from application to reporting

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  • Administer contract process with online workflows
  • Schedule contract generation, view and verify contract status and review changes
  • Manage all contract related documents

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  • Employ best practice project management
  • Streamline processes to increase capacity
  • Deliver project status, performance and financial reports

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  • Maintain contractual arrangements and supplier profiles
  • Align contracts to renewal milestones, reports and alerts
  • Perform expenditure and progressive spending analysis

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  • Maintain detailed contact profiles
  • Align contacts to project responsibilities
  • Support secure system access and single sign on

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  • Client centered case management
  • Lifecycle management of relationship and information
  • Proactive engagement to support results

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Configurable Options

Benefit from Enquire’s flexible and configurable options, including:

  • Master Data Configuration

    Master Data Configuration

    Establish a single point of truth with master data configuration to inform and support all...

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  • Risk and Issue Management

    Risk and Issue Management

    Make risk and issue management an active part of grant, contract and program management to...

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  • Variations Management

    Variations Management

    Respond to changing requirements or relationships through duplicating a contract, workflow, assessment, application as a...

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  • KPI and Results Management

    KPI and Results Management

    Set and manage performance frameworks, monitor and measure key performance indicators to improving program design,...

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  • Document Management

    Document Management

    Document Management offers full feature capabilities including integration with Microsoft Office tools for one click...

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  • Template Configuration

    Template Configuration

    Create templates to standardize program interactions, ensure consistency and quality, and eliminate differences in process...

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  • Task Management and Scheduling

    Task Management and Scheduling

    Reduce administrative burdens associated with task management, from engaging pre-defined task management templates to configurability...

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  • Authoring and Publishing

    Authoring and Publishing

    Create and publish online application forms, project and contract documents and reports with simple no...

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  • Enterprise Search

    Enterprise Search

    Enterprise search provides advanced search options to make it easier to engage data, analyse results...

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  • Budgeting


    Create, administer and align budgets to workflows for streamlined financial management for your grants, contracts...

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  • Report Generation

    Report Generation

    Using reporting templates, define data, align to stakeholder needs and schedule to automate or deliver...

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  • Workflow Management

    Workflow Management

    Improve business processes and interaction with applicants, clients, vendors and other stakeholders with configureable workflows.

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  • Contact Management

    Contact Management

    Enquire’s Contact Management ensures every contact and every relationship is supported and delivers on business...

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Tactiv Benefits

Tactiv is a SaaS company providing cloud based Contract, Grant and Program Lifecycle Management solutions to Government, Enterprise and Not for Profit organisations since 2005.

Tactiv’s Enquire is simple, stable, secure and socialable, featuring the tools and integrations demanded for managing and administering publicly funded programs.

  • Web-Based-Available

    Web Based,
    Available 24/7/365

  • Built-on-Best-Practice-Standards

    Built on Best
    Practice Standards

  • Enterprise-Class-Solution

    Class Solution

  • Software-as-a-Service-(Saas)-License

    Software as a Service
    (Saas) License

  • Integrate-with-Existing-Systems

    Integrate with
    Existing Systems

  • Monthly-User-Based-Pricing

    Monthly User-Based

  • Full-Support-and-Training

    Full Support
    and Training

  • No-Bandwidth-or-Hosting-Fees

    No Bandwidth
    or Hosting Fees


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