Streamlined Grant Project Task Reporting Pays Off

Effective and efficient task management based on accurate and timely project data improves grant administration, reporting and budget management. For grant recipients payments often rely on reporting tasks.

Reporting on project tasks is a critical part of the grant management lifecycle. For grant managers effective and efficient grant administration, reporting and budget management relies on accurate and timely project reporting. For grant recipients payments often hinge on reporting tasks.

Together this ensures KPIs and projects milestones are managed and met.

Tactiv’s Enquire Grantcycle Management provides the tools for grant and project managers to create and configure project task that connect internal administration teams, project or delivery agents and grant recipients. Enquire’s task management tools enable data to be aligned and easily managed across all participants and throughout all processes.

Tasks can be aligned to milestones, and include start and end dates, and provide a status indicator so all participants are up to date.

One of Enquire’s most important benefits is the ability for grant recipients to directly access Enquire and provide updates on their activity. Providing recipients access eliminates additional administration steps and systems, as well it ensures better data discipline.

Importantly for grant recipients prompt interaction on tasks can improve their milestone reporting and the timeliness of payments.

As part of the acquittal reports, grant recipients can update tasks to indicate progress with accompanying comments and documentation. Once all tasks have been updated, the grant recipient submits the report to the project manager for review.

Project managers can compare current data and the submitted report to track progress of tasks.

If the updated data is approved, the project manager accepts the report. The tasks will then be updated with the submitted data. Project managers can easily set tasks to complete to finalise the task and any linked KPIs.

Throughout the life of the project, project managers and grant recipients can access and manage the same record to ensure consistent reporting and alignment of data.

Notifications and alerts can be configured to provide timely reminders to all, as well activity logging ensures a record of all engagements.

If you have any questions regarding the management of project tasks within your organisation contact the Tactiv Client Service Team today!

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