Easily Manage Grant Assessments with Enquire

The assessment stage of a grant round is quite often the busiest time for program managers. Enquire grant management lifecycle software makes complex assessment business processes simple and efficient.

Tactiv’s Enquire grant management software allows program managers to easily create, manage and facilitate a variety of different grant assessment workflows.

Assessment workflows can include internal and external assessors. Grant Program Managers can manage assessor roles and role access through Enquire’s management dashboard.

Managing grant assessments, submitted by internal or external assessors is streamlined as they are reflected on the same grant record accessible by program managers.

Program managers engage assessors by assigning them tasks. External assessors assigned to the grant round can login to the client portal to claim tasks they have been assigned.

The online assessment forms allow assessors to easily review the grant application in tandem with the assessment questions.

Enquire Grant Assessor Task Overview

Once the assessments have been submitted, program managers can compare each assessor’s score and tally the applications’ final score via the Assessment tab of each grant.

Program managers can easily track the overall progress of grant assessments via the grant round. Data such as total scores, grant assessment outcomes, recommendations and approved funding can be easily exported for tracking of progress or reporting to key stakeholders.

If you have questions about managing grant assessments with Enquire, contact the Tactiv Client Support team today.

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