Request a “Rework” to Update Grant Applications in Enquire

Using Enquire grant program managers can easily request updates to grant applications using the rework grant application request feature. Applicants can easily update their grant application online and resubmit.

Grant managers spend a lot of time and energy on the grant application process. They constantly face issues with incomplete applications or issue with the information submitted by applicants. Applicants contact grant managers because they need to change details or add more information to update grant applications.

Grant programs all struggle to manage these interactions and updates efficiently. Application quality is a major factor in eligibility. Grant managers are under pressure from program commitments and deadlines, especially when third party reviewers and assessors are involved.

Updating Applications

Enquire’s Client Portal enables grant program managers to publish online grant opportunities 24/7 365 days a year.

Grant applicants securely register on the grant program’s branded Client Portal. The portal provides an easy to use online interface and help information so applicants can complete an online grant application.

Once submitted grant program managers use the Management Portal to engage securely with submitted applications. With assessment and eligibility tools they can quickly review applications to determine issues like incomplete information or changes needed.

The rework feature allows program managers or grant administrators to send an application back to an applicant for updates. Applicants are notified by email to log back in and updated the appropriate sections. The whole process to update grant applications is done directly online.

The ability for applicants to amend or rework submitted applications reduces duplication of applications and streamlines business processes. Interactions are secure and tracked.

Pre-eligibility Check

An innovative approach to using the rework feature is including it in an application work flow.

The rework feature can be easily configured into the grant application business process for a pre-eligibility check undertaken prior to assessment.


Adding a pre-eligibility check works the same as a rework request. Once an application has been processed for pre-eligibility and returned for rework, an applicant simply logs into the Client Portal to make the requested updates to their application. Once the applicant is satisfied with their updated grant application they can submit once again.

This feature reduces time spent by grant managers following up applicants for missing documentation or withdrawing grant applications, so an applicant can reapply. It also ensures grant applications that go into final review have already cleared all requirements improving application quality and enhancing grant decision making.

Many grant programs engage a panel of reviewers and assessors. Ensuring applications are complete and meet requirements makes their effort more productive and a more positive experience overall.

Enquire’s innovative grant application management tools make it easier than ever to ensure submitted applications comply with a grant program edibility requirements and funding standards. Enquire’s Rework feature allows applicants to take ownership for their data and gives them confidence they have submitted the best grant application possible to qualify for funding.

If you have any questions about how your organisation can employ the Rework capability contact Tactiv Client Services today.

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