Enquire Stars in CapGemini Digital Procurement Research Report

CapGemini “Digital Procurement Research 2018 report on procurement software concluded “Enquire, offers functionality within all modules and is specialised in the Source-to-Contract area (including supplier management) and getting very close to be classified as an ‘All Star’.”

CapGemini had recently released its latest insights into procurement management. The “Digital Procurement Research 2018 Uncovering Solutions That Bring You Forward” reflects on the transformation underway in procurement worldwide across all industry sectors.

One of the key drivers of procurement modernisation is a focus on the value add, not just cost savings. This strategic shift has had an impact. Rigid systems with a single focus are being forced to give way to end to end lifecycle management.

Data silos and localised processes are challenged by the need for organisation wide information, ability to engage external suppliers and other stakeholders, and the need to seamless integrate to other critical business systems.

End to End Procurement

“This shift to an end-to-end approach reflects that organizations realize that it is nearly impossible to make changes to one procurement element without affecting other elements at the same time.”

Tactiv’s Enquire was selected as a participant in the CapGemini research study, one of only two Australian headquartered companies. “Enquire, offers functionality within all modules and is specialised in the Source-to-Contract area (including supplier management) and getting very close to be classified as an ‘All Star’.”

As a highly specialised system, designed for program management in government agencies, foundations, NGOs and not-for-profits, Enquire combines a range of features that respond to the needs of this complex sector. This public sector focus demands a level of transparency, visibility and strict regulatory compliance resulting in unique contracting, reporting and supplier management challenges.

Procurement Transformation

The report notes how quickly this sector is evolving, with a great range of solutions and solution providers. Procurement is expected to increasingly be embedded into business operations and processes, less a standalone or separately managed function. This does not mean procurement will cease to exist, instead it will move closer to the core of the business.

Reinventing procurement means asking “what do I need to do my work properly now” and “what do I want to realise in the coming years that is not possible at the moment”. This is the starting point to determining what type of solution is best for an organisation. 

Some of the main benefits organisations realise as they modernise procurement reflect how procurement adds value. These include:

  • Simplification through using one system instead of many and a single source of data
  • Harmonised administrative processes, including standardisation in processes and documents
  • Automatic compliance management through templating, audit logs and document management
  • Visibility that delivers transparent 360 views on contracts/documents, suppliers, engagements and real-time reporting throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Enquire delivers truly integrated procurement capability in its key software solutions for grant, contract and program management and as a standalone system. It offers advanced Source to Contract functionality by fully integrating CRM, contract management and financial services for more effective supplier information management, contract management and performance reporting.

As a cloud-based solution it delivers ease of online access, for both internal business areas and external suppliers and stakeholders, and low cost of ownership as a fully managed and supported SaaS system.

More information on the “Digital Procurement Research 2018 Uncovering Solutions That Bring You Forward” report is available here.

If you are interested in knowing more about our participation or a demonstration of Enquire contact the Tactiv Client Services team today.

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