5 Ready to Use Features in Enquire for Best Practice Contract Management

Enquire's Contract Management solution enables contract managers to standardise and optimise contract management. Here are 5 easy to use features in Enquire that our clients can use to deliver best practice contract management.

Enquire’s Contract Management solution enables contract managers to standardise and optimise contract management business processes and risk management.

This is critical as it eliminates ad hoc processes and contract data spread across disparate systems. Visibility and accountability demand secure, trackable and accurate data reporting.

Using Enquire’s ready to use pre-configured features contract managers can immediately benefit from Tactiv’s experience in delivering best practice contract lifecycle management.

Here are 5 features in Enquire giving contract managers the opportunity to deliver best practice contract lifecycle management.

1. Security
Enquire is an online cloud-based SaaS system which allows organisations to centralise their data and provide a single source of truth.

For contract management, this ensures all staff are accessing and administering the same record and eliminates the need to store records across different systems for business units to access.

Secure access ensures only the right stakeholders access the right data, with full access logging and auditability.

2. Templates
Standardising contract templates eliminates time consuming creation and publishing activity and improves data quality.

Enquire contract templates ensure contracts are consistent with company guidelines and formatting. Through the push of a button, contracts can be generated with the relevant template and up-to-date data.

Enquire’s document management and audit features ensure each update can be easily tracked and version controlled.

3. WorkflowsEnquire Manage Contract Roles Best practice contract management means eliminating ad hoc processes. Contract managers must be able to actively manage the activity and status of every participant.

Workflows in Enquire enable staff to follow the correct steps for the relevant business process such as approval of a contract. Workflows are pre-configured but allow for flexibility. Workflow progress is tracked so contract managers can meet deadlines and are aware of any delays.

Alerts can be linked to each workflow step, so the relevant stakeholders are notified of upcoming tasks. Workflow steps can be reassigned to others or handed back as needed.

4. Roles
Standard roles are already defined in Enquire based on contract lifecycle administration. Assigning roles to staff enables contract managers to define levels of access that match business processes.

Using Enquire ensures staff can view or update records when they have the relevant roles assigned. Workflow steps are aligned to roles so the relevant stakeholder can participate in key business processes. For example, only contract managers can send contracts to be approved by the CEO or relevant role.

5. Contract Reporting
Enquire’s search queries are easy to use so contract managers can report across the full contract lifecycle on any data, status or result.

Standardised fields ensure there’s no ambiguity when setting up reports for one business unit to another. For example, a contract manager reports against contracts status.

Enquire Search Contract Repository

Flexible search queries delivers useful information to inform decision making and manage processes. A contract manager can quickly identify delays and follow up with key personnel.

By standardising and automating business processes, contract managers can reduce risk and streamline their contract management. Through use of Enquire and its ready to use features, clients automatically benefit from best practice contract lifecycle management.

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