Connect Grant Finance Management in Enquire to SAP

Integrating Enquire Grant Management to SAP means an end to managing grant programs separately to managing grant finances and payments management.

Integrating Enquire Grant Management to SAP means an end to managing grant programs separately to grant finances and grant payments. Streamlining business processes, workflows, tracking and, aligning client and vendor data to financial management obligations is a challenge Enquire resolves with its new grant finance management interface to SAP.

Organisations can now actively manage all grant financial transactions in Enquire Grant Management with direct integration to the SAP financial management system.

Interfacing Enquire Grant Management and SAP means organisations can now realise a range of benefits in managing their grant financial transactions including reporting accurate and up-to-date budget information while securely tracking and supporting all decisions taken in regards to their grant programs.

The connection between these two critical enterprise systems will save organisations time and money in administering and managing their grant program, with data in one system directly integrated into the business processes of the other system through common and shared data standards.

Organisations can implement a standardised payments interface to SAP for a grant round or alternatively have the flexibility to incorporate appropriate cost centre codes and general ledger accounts for a single grant. Payments can be managed individually or using bulk processing. Importantly organisations will realise benefits in meeting financial audit and compliance requirements, with traceability in place for every transaction and every system user.

SAP integration also means organisations can receive direct feedback from Enquire via alerts and notifications regarding transactions and payments processing.

Directly connecting financial transactions in SAP to grant operations in Enquire Grant Management streamlines and improves overall grant program management. Improved budget control, accuracy and increased transparency are critical to a grant program’s efficiency and performance.

For more information on Enquire Grant Management and how to integrate your grant financial management system contact Tactiv or call on +61 7 3846 1555.

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