Grant Application Management – Easier and Better

Managing and assessing grant applications is the stage of the grant management process that's most complex. Our continuously evolving software Enquire keeps making the grant application process easier for you.

Grant application management is a voluminous process. Many applications, paper or digital, come in. They need to be reviewed against certain criteria, often by multiple people. This requires structure and transparency, which is best managed using a system – like Enquire.

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Enquire to simplify your grant application management

Enquire Grant Management, Contract Management and Impact Reporting software is a system to streamline your application management. It does the heavy lifting so you can focus on the important stuff. There are several components in a system like Enquire that make the grant application easier:

  • Online application forms
  • Save, exit and return to the application
  • Downloadable application forms
  • Structured application process

Online application forms

It starts with enabling the creation of online application forms configurable to suit your organisational needs. Ask for the information you need and use branding aligned with you organisation to create the right look and feel. By allowing for applying for grants online, the assessment process can be commenced in a systemised and transparent way.

Save, exit and return to the application

During the application process applicants have the possibility to exit and return to their application at any time. Whether an applicant finalised filling in the form or not, the information in there will be stored. Features such as auto-save ensure when they return to their application, the information previously entered will be there to avoid double handling. This flexibility and ease creates a good first interaction between you and the applicant.

Downloadable application forms

While Enquire makes it possible to apply for grants online, it also offers the opportunity to download the application form during the application for a grant. Information filled out in the form will be included in the download. This is the case regardless of whether the application is finalised and submitted. This allows applicants to discuss what they want to include in the application form before or while they are submitting the application.

“Client feedback has shown a need for applicants to discuss and review information before submitting a grant application. This can mean they’d like to print out an application form to discuss the content during a meeting. Or they can download a filled out application to confirm with their managers whether the correct information has been given in the form. We wanted to enable our clients to give their clients the flexibility they need, which in turn improves the entire grant application process.” 
Clyde Maclean – Enquire Implementation Coordinator

Structured application process

The entire application process is broken down in meaningful steps, while guided by a step-by-step overview on the page. It shows where the applicant is at the time and what the next step will be. A clear set of navigation buttons give the applicants the ability to move forward or go back in the process, or download the form. This transparent experience gives applicants clear expectation on what’s to come and they can read back the information the entered for verification purposes.

This benefits the applicant AND you

By allowing grant applicants a flexible approach suited to their needs, you create a great first experience with your applicant. It’s a positive start of the relationship between you two. You are also more likely to collect the information you need. When you receive the exact information required, it makes the assessment process much easier. Less time communicating back and forth with applicants to collect the required information, a better overview to make assessing information easier and less clutter for everyone involved. Access is managed using different permission levels. Everyone does his or her part while information is tracked in the system. Therefore it’s always clear what stage a grant or project is at.

Improve your grant application management with Enquire

Enquire’s ability to download the application form before, in the midst of or after submitting a grant application gives flexibility to the applicant and eventually makes your application and assessment management easier.

Key benefits

  • A better experience for your grant applicants
  • More accurate data collection during the application process
  • Less clutter and more clarity during the assessment process

How To Manage Grant Applications in Enquire

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