Project status at a glance

Enquire is continuously improving! We are making the software easier to navigate and interpret with key info visible at a glance. Project status is our latest Enquire enhancement.

So what do we mean by project status?

The project status is about your grants. There is a lot of information about your portfolio, rounds, programs and projects in Enquire. But when it comes down to it, details are important for grant managers. Key information about individual projects is used to assess where they are at in the grant lifecycle. It informs the next step to take. This key information is shown on the project status card in Enquire.

Once you go to the grants section in Enquire, you specify the project you are interested in. The project status card is then located on the overview page of the project you specified.

What the project status tells us

It’s a succinct and easy to read overview displaying the status of the below:

  • Application
  • Eligibility
  • Assessment
  • Recommendation
  • Contract

How this improves the grant management process

This information give you a clear overview on where the projects is at and what needs to happen next.

As it forms the foundation for progressing the grant cycle, it’s is important for grant and program managers to have easy access. This clear and useful overview of key data point saves time, supports efficiency and makes the grant management process move forward in a streamlined way.

And it gets better

We are continuously improving Enquire’s usability and interface and are always looking to make your life as a grant or program manager easier. So stay tuned!

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