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We are so excited to be able to travel again and connect in person with our NZ clients and team! We can’t wait to see everyone in Wellington on May 27-28 at the Digital Transformation & Data in Government Summit where we are one of the sponsors.

This event will provide an opportunity to discuss some of the work our clients have been doing in regard to funds management, community engagement and impact reporting. In the last year we have all adapted to a different way of working, the need to accelerate programs to stimulate the economy and community as well as new legislations. The time is right to have conversations around topics like program acceleration, privacy, transparency and reporting on social impact.

Developments in New Zealand

  • New Zealand has introduced a new Privacy Act as of 1 December 2020. This Privacy Act introduces additional obligations and compliance requirements, such as the mandatory obligation of notifying the regulator and affected individuals when there has been a data breach. Consequently, this means organisations of all sizes need to focus on what data they are collecting, how to secure it and ways of mitigating those risks.
  • Another development was the announcement of a new Trusts Act (Trust Act 2019) in NZ that took effect on 30 January 2021. Trustees (especially those seeking to be charities) will need to meet new compliance requirements showing that their purpose is connected to their impact. Systems that provide strong governance from tracking programs to outcomes and impact reporting will be critical to meeting compliance.
  • Furthermore, worldwide, the need to demonstrate good program management and report on impact is growing. This is a trend we see in public, philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors, but also in corporate industries. Stakeholders are becoming more involved and therefore it’s necessary to be able to demonstrate the impact you are making with funds provided real time, not just in annual reports.

Innovative solutions are needed

What all the above-mentioned points have in common, is a need for security and transparency of programs across the entire organisation. From handling information and efficient processes to compliance and reporting on impact.

Hear about our clients’ stories and how they are realising these benefits with Enquire Grant Management, Contract Management and Impact Reporting Software – from funding sources management to impact reporting – we will show how it can be managed in an efficient, transparent and secure way. All integrated in one system, with role-based permissions, KPI tracking, impact reporting and more, across the entire process of fund management.

Are these developments affecting you?

Talk to us, we’d love to help. Meet us at the Wellington conference – contact us to find out how. Alternatively, we can discuss your case over a coffee or we can set up a remote meeting.

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