End-to-end Contract Management with Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) uses Enquire Contract Management to manage multiple investment contracts with 14 Qld NRM bodies under their Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program 2013-2018.

Client Case Study: End to End Contract Management
Department of Natural Resource and Mines


Natural Resource Management, Government 

Queensland, Australia

Quick Lesson:

When data is managed in one central point; collation and meaningful interpretation becomes easier to deliver to required stakeholders.

The challenge:
Standardised contract management across 14 regionally based natural resource management organisations (Qld NRM bodies).

Before Enquire Contract Management was implemented, DNRM relied on paper-based contracts that often underwent several variations over time.

In addition, the Qld NRM bodies reported against their contracted deliverables using different methods and systems which made the collation and aggregation of quantitative data a difficult and time consuming exercise.

The lack of consistency between proponents reporting methods also impacted on the rigour of the reporting process due to a lack of standardised, comparable and unified data.

Using Enquire Contract Management enabled DNRM to meet the above challenges by providing a contract management system that allows a standardised and consistent approach to contract management including the reporting of project deliverables against set targets for financial performance, delivery of project milestones and outputs, and the collection, collation and storage of the reported data to underpin program governance, providing accountability for program managers and stakeholders.

The solution: Implement Enquire Contract Management
Tactiv’s Enquire Contract Management provides DNRM with online version control of contract schedules including the ability to draft, activate and vary contracts according to changing program or project needs. The contracts can be viewed by both investor and investee, based on role access in the system.

Additionally, performance and financial reporting processes were standardised and brought online. Automated system based alerts replaced the existing manual process of reporting reminders and related events. Reporting templates were integrated to ensure consistent and complementary reporting procedures and documents were produced.

To support data collation and analysis, DNRM requested the development of a custom reports module. In response to this request, the Tactiv team configured a feature that provides quick click reports configured to produce collated and formatted data in a ready form to allow further analysis and presentation based on user requirements.

The result: The ability to better manage, monitor and report on contracted activities

1) Manage Contracts
New contracts are negotiated then loaded into Enquire, the contracts are activated once the two parties agree and sign off on the contract schedules. Enquire becomes the source of truth for the active contract. Variations are also managed through Enquire, contract history is maintained over time and remains accessible.

2) Monitor Performance
Project deliverables, known as Outputs are quantifiable measures that contribute to six monthly contracted milestones. Delivery against milestones is managed in Enquire, with intrinsic linkages made between milestones, allowing data combinations to produce meaningful whole of project performance information.

3) Report Results
Managing program performance through Enquire Contract Management gives DNRM the ability to query and report on all contracted performance data, including financial performance, project outputs and contracted milestones.

Enquire also allows the aggregation of a variety of performance data to understand contributions to broad state-wide program targets and strategic objectives. The benefit over time is that progress can be measured while the data is maintained and remains readily available for future needs.

State strategic targets or plans are loaded into Enquire and Qld NRM body performance data is aggregated to measure delivery against the state-wide program targets. This process allows DNRM to interrogate not only proponent performance but also measure progress against planned program delivery throughout the state at a contractual, project output and strategic target level.

Enquire Contract Management provides DNRM with an end-to-end contracts management system that manages the full lifecycle of their contracts. By taking a systematic approach, underpinned by a single point of truth, overall accountability and program governance is maintained for the long term.

For more information on Tactiv’s Enquire Contract Management solution contact Tactiv on +61 7 3846 1555.

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