Your Data Delivers Results with Enquire’s 65+ Smart Components

Improve master data with Enquire. Offering 65+ pre-built Smart Components Enquire offers countless ways to improve your workflows, business processes and reporting. Customise and configure new functionality with pre-configured components designed for best practice contract, grant and program management.

Deliver highly customised project templates, contract milestone reports, contact records and performance reports with Enquire contract, grant and program management software that adapts to your needs and requirements all with pre-defined smart components.

Meeting client requirements to improve grant, contract and project management with a whole of lifecycle enterprise software system means building flexible and configurable tools that meet the challenges organisations face.

To achieve this level of customisation while still retaining the benefits of a fully managed software as a service (Saas) cloud-based service, Tactiv has developed an innovative and forward looking approach using 2 key concepts: User Defined Fields and Smart Components.

User Defined Fields are simply the ability for clients to create a field to capture the data they need. This data is available within the system and can be accessed or used in any manner needed, be it within an application, project data set, fact sheet or contract.

This capability means clients can retain their terminology and unique requirements for any data they use. Fields are managed and maintained securely in the Enquire system.

Enquire’s Smart Components are a new introduction. Simply, smart components are business logic married with data, meaning in Enquire you can nominate the appropriate data, including one or more of your own user defined data fields, and process it by applying various controls and options to refine the output or logic to an even greater degree.

This can be a form or a specific type of project report, where you may capture planned values and report on actual achieved values, making many standard and simple processes almost automatic.

At present Tactiv has already created over 65 Enquire modules as smart components with built-in business logic so many standard tasks and requirements can be easily configured and deployed based on your specific data or process requirements. A variety of user configuration controls and options apply to each component so you can optimise the result or process.

Smart components can be flexibly configured at any time, changed when needed, and even allow for differing results from the same smart component within the same organisation based on the data and purpose.

With smart components Enquire offers clients the ability to further improve grant, contract and project management. New opportunities to streamline and automate data management, reporting, task monitoring and financial management means project managers can deliver benefits to their teams and decision-makers including reduced administration time and cost, comprehensive reporting that avoids further data collating or manipulation, highly targeted workflows, alerts and other processes.

Smart components will continue to be developed and released to address more challenges with the goal of providing an increasingly flexible and responsive grants, contract and project management software system.

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