Contract Templates Bring Order to Projects in Enquire

Enquire templates can be configured to generate standardised documentation that integrates contract templates into the relevant lifecycle stage of a project to streamline business processes.

An integral part of a contract management software is the ability to generate standardised documentation across the lifecycle of the contract.

By uploading document templates to Enquire, clients can ensure standard layouts and data fields are used when generating documentation.

With document templates clients can ensure data provided is consistent, supporting more streamlined business processes by avoiding work arounds, or follow up activity, and ensuring comparability across information.

Enquire can be configured to integrate the templates into the relevant lifecycle stage of a project to streamline business processes.

Templates can be created and managed in Enquire to meet a variety of different needs, reducing the administrative costs, and time, to initiate new contracts.

With a push of a button, contract officers can generate and track contracts. Documents can be regenerated using the same templates to maintain consistency across versions.

By applying consistent templates that respond to the needs of contract, grant and project management managers benefit from eliminating ad hoc processes. This helps ensure team members don’t introduce risk or data inaccuracies

Variations are also managed through Enquire, where contract history is maintained over time. Each variation is recorded in Enquire and can be easily referenced as required. Once approved, grant and project data is automatically updated allowing a contract variation to be easily generated.

From automatically generating PDFs upon submission of grant applications to generation of contract documents, Enquire ensures business processes can be simplified and data is consistent at each step.

If you have any questions about contract management, contact Tactiv’s Client Support team for assistance.

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