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Abt JTA manage contracts with dozens of aid delivery agents and agencies, and act as an intermediary in the delivery of contracted services.Choosing Enquire Abt JTA can streamline grant project management with Enquire's ability to manage grants online, including all contracts and projects.

Tactiv is currently working on an important upgrade to its industry leading grant management software system, introducing Rounds within Delivery Areas. This exciting new features provide clients the ability to manage their grant rounds and applications seamlessly online.

Currently, Enquire has Delivery Areas or Programs to which projects belong. For example, the Sustainable Agriculture Delivery Area groups all the Sustainable Agriculture related projects together. Another Delivery Area may group together all the Weeds projects. Other clients may currently use Delivery Areas to sort their projects into sub-regions.

What does this mean?

The Grant Rounds approach allows for a sub grouping of projects within a Delivery Area, such as a 2014 Round of Sustainable Agriculture projects. You may have one or many Rounds within a Delivery Area.

How will it affect your use of Enquire?

You will have another level to assist with project or grant management. You may choose to use this level or maintain a one on one relationship with Delivery Area to Rounds. Essentially all the functions you used at the Delivery Area will be shifted to the Round.

What are the effects on my current Delivery Areas?

All relevant Delivery Areas will be given a default Grant Round on release of the functionality. Where a project used to report to a Delivery Area, it will now report to the Round within that Delivery Area. When you view all your Delivery Areas, Grant Rounds will be included in the table. Delivery Areas will have a Rounds tab which lists all the available Rounds within in.

Are there any other areas Rounds will influence?

  • Performance Reporting Projects will report to a Round. Simply speaking, the Round will replace the role of the Delivery Area in the reporting process.
  • Create Project Projects will select a Round within a Delivery Area when they are created.
  • Navigation There will be one more level in the hierarchy for Enquire project management.

Examples of how Rounds might be applied

Example 1

Your organisation may have a Program or Delivery Area that releases funds on a yearly basis. The Grant Rounds could be used to release these funds and shape the way applicants apply for the yearly funding availability.

Example 2

Your organisation may have sub-regional offices that manage and deliver their own suite of projects. Your Delivery Area would be assigned based on Sub-Region, then Grant Round would provide the ability to assign groups of projects to sub-regional staff based on roles or project themes.

Example 3

Your organisation may have a Program or Delivery Area that contains different types of projects requiring different data capture templates. Rounds allows you to apply different templates to projects belonging to the same Delivery Area with different data needs.

Example 4

Your organisation may have project contracts managed around program funding periods, for example: annual, bi-annual or ongoing contracts. Grant Rounds allow you to set up the different reporting periods for the various contract types under a particular Round.

Grant Rounds management features will be available shortly for Enquire clients, including help and support information on the Enquire Help site.

In the meantime if you have any questions about this new capability or want more information on Enquire’s new Grant Rounds please contact the Tactiv Help Desk or call us on +61 7 3846 1555.

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