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Unveiling the Power of Enquire Reporting Warehouse

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With a focus on continuously wanting to optimise and maximise the impact of programs in the ever-evolving landscape of grant and project management, organisations are continually seeking cutting-edge solutions that streamline data workflows, automate reporting, and provide actionable insights for informed decision-making. The Enquire Reporting Warehouse is a valuable add-on to Enquire that stands at the forefront of these requirements, offering a transformative approach to managing programs with enhanced analytics, seamless integrations, and dynamic visualisations. Let’s delve into the key features and benefits of the Enquire Reporting Warehouse, exploring how it uplifts your programs in a data-driven way.

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The need for insights

The journey of grant and project management technology has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years. As organisations grow in scale and complexity, the need for robust tools that can handle intricate data workflows becomes paramount. The Enquire Reporting Warehouse emerges as a solution that not only addresses these needs but also sets a new standard for grant and project management in the digital age.  

The Reporting Warehouse acts as a centralised datastore consolidating and transforming data from the Enquire application. With a standardised data model and dynamic schema discovery, rapid and responsive analysis of large datasets becomes a reality. As a result, improved analytics, visualisations, and seamless integrations for informed decision-making will take your business processes to the next level. 


Seamless data workflows and automation

Efficiency in grant and project management begins with seamless data workflows. The Enquire Reporting Warehouse excels in this aspect by providing a centralised platform that automates reporting processes. This automation not only saves valuable time and resources but also ensures accuracy and consistency in data handling. 

One of the key strengths of the Reporting Warehouse is its ability to act as a central hub, extracting and transforming data from the Enquire application in a structured and organised manner. This structured approach facilitates improved analysis and access to data, creating a single source of truth for grant, project, and program-related information. The flexibility of Enquire’s configuration capabilities allows you to fine-tune data capture and business processes, tailoring the solution to fit seamlessly within your operating environment. 


The Enquire Reporting Warehouse utilises a extract, transform, load process to stream data from Enquire to the Reporting Warehouse dynamically.

In the extraction phase, data is retrieved from the Enquire data domains. This process involves processes that identify changes in the data domains and initiates retrieval of the data.

In the transformation phase, the extracted data is enriched and transformed into the standardised data model.

In the loading phase, the transformed data is loaded into the Enquire reporting Warehouse. This step involves mapping data to the destination schema and applying and necessary transformations to ensure data consistency.


Dynamic data analysis and visualisation

Utilising a relational data model, the Reporting Warehouse reduces data redundancy and enhances data quality. This model simplifies data aggregation, making it easier to generate comprehensive reports and visualisations. It feeds through information from the entire dataset available in Enquire, its microservices and data domains, including core data, financial data, CRM data, and workflow data, contributing to the richness of the data available for analysis. This ensures a holistic view of program-related information. 

The Enquire Reporting Warehouse takes data analysis to the next level with its advanced analytics capabilities. The solution goes beyond static reports. The wide range of integrations to analytic tools such as Power BI and MySQL offer dynamic visualisations that empower you to extract meaningful insights from your data. This provides the ability to identify trends, patterns, and outliers for informed decision-making and serves as a tool to communicate insights to external stakeholders in a visual way.  


The Enquire Reporting Warehouse enables visual dashboard and reports.


Integration capabilities

The Enquire Reporting Warehouse distinguishes itself with seamless integration capabilities, acting as a dynamic hub connecting to an array of third-party tools. Beyond facilitating streamlined data exchange with CRM systems, financial databases, and project management tools, the Reporting Warehouse stands out through impactful collaborations.

Notably, its integration with Power BI elevates data visualisation, empowering you to create insightful, interactive dashboards. Real-world use cases showcase the solution’s impact, such as seamlessly integrating with EHR systems in healthcare for improved patient care. The Reporting Warehouse’s flexibility extends to custom integrations, ensuring adaptability to unique program management requirements. Collaboration is amplified through integrations with platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, fostering real-time communication and responsiveness.

Security remains paramount, with encryption protocols and access controls seamlessly extended to integrations. Dynamic schema discovery ensures future-ready interoperability, positioning the Reporting Warehouse as a central force amplifying the impact of program management across diverse technological ecosystems. 


The Enquire Reporting Warehouse integrates seamlessly with third party apps.


Security and compliance

In the realm of program management, where sensitive data is at the core, security is non-negotiable. The Enquire Reporting Warehouse prioritises data security through robust measures. The solution has undergone rigorous independent third-party security and penetration testing to verify its resilience against potential vulnerabilities. 

Encryption of data in transit and at rest, access controls, and monitoring of user activity are integral to the security framework of the Reporting Warehouse. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, aligning with compliance standards and providing organisations with the confidence to manage their programs securely. 


Use cases of the Reporting Warehouse

There is an almost limitless range of use cases for the Reporting Warehouse as information is well-structured and easy to manage, and integrations to almost any tool can be made. Let’s dive into a few success stories from organisations that have embraced the Enquire Reporting Warehouse to underscore the tangible benefits of the solution.


Share insights with PowerBI visualisations

Scenario: Non-profit organisations in the education sector use Enquire for managing their scholarship programs and needs to analyse, visualise, and securely share data insights with internal and external stakeholders.

Solution: Integrating Power BI with the Enquire Reporting Warehouse, the organisation creates interactive dashboards showcasing key metrics such as application trends and success rates. These secure dashboards are shared with internal teams for collaborating and external stakeholders through Power BI’s controlled access features.

Outcome: The organisation experiences enhanced data-driven decision-making, increased transparency with stakeholders, and improved operational efficiency, thanks to the ability to efficiently create and securely share detailed, insightful dashboards.


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Get notified of project status updates in Slack

Scenario: A public organisation managing grant applications using Enquire seeks to streamline communication and keep its team updated on real-time application statuses for improved responsiveness. 

Solution: Integrating the Enquire Reporting Warehouse with a Slack channel using tools like Zapier or AWS Lambda, the agency ensures that real-time updates on application statuses are automatically posted in a dedicated Slack channel. 

Outcome: The agency benefits from enhanced team awareness, improved responsiveness, increased efficiency, and better prioritisation of tasks. Real-time updates in Slack reduce manual checks, facilitating quicker actions and decision-making. 


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Future trends and adaptability

The Enquire Reporting Warehouse not only meets the current needs of grant and project management but also positions itself as a solution that can adapt to future trends. The dynamic schema discovery feature allows you to respond swiftly to changing business needs. As new tables and fields are automatically added on-the-fly, the Reporting Warehouse ensures that you can keep pace with evolving data requirements. 

The adaptability of the solution aligns with the responsiveness and agility that comes with managing grants, projects or funds in the public and philanthropic sector. As organisations explore new ways of managing data, automating processes, and deriving insights, the Enquire Reporting Warehouse remains at the forefront, providing a foundation for innovation. 


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Business value of the Reporting Warehouse

The business value of the Enquire Reporting Warehouse lies in its ability to revolutionise grants and project management through a multifaceted approach, delivering tangible benefits to your organisation. Here are key aspects contributing to its business value: 

  1. Improved decision-making: The Reporting Warehouse provides advanced analytics and dynamic visualisations, empowering you to extract meaningful insights from your data. This enhances data-driven decision-making, allowing for a deeper understanding of program effectiveness, resource allocation, and overall performance. 
  2. Operational efficiency: Through streamlined data workflows and automation, the Reporting Warehouse significantly improves operational efficiency. By automating reporting processes and providing a centralised platform for data management, you can save time and resources, reducing reliance on manual reporting and minimising errors. 
  3. Enhanced collaboration: The integration capabilities of the Reporting Warehouse foster collaboration by seamlessly connecting with third-party applications and collaborative platforms. This ensures that teams can work cohesively, share insights, and stay informed in real-time, leading to a more agile and responsive organisational culture. 
  4. Transparent stakeholder communication: The solution’s ability to create interactive dashboards and share them securely with stakeholders enhances transparency. Whether it’s internal teams, external partners, or donors, the Reporting Warehouse facilitates clear and secure communication of program impacts, fostering trust and support. 
  5. Adaptability to changing business needs: The Reporting Warehouse’s dynamic schema discovery and flexible data model enable you to adapt swiftly to changing business needs. As new data points are automatically incorporated into the data schema, the solution ensures that you can keep pace with evolving data requirements, promoting agility and resilience. 
  6. Cost savings: By automating data processes and reducing manual reporting efforts, the Reporting Warehouse contributes to cost savings. You can allocate resources more efficiently, focusing on strategic initiatives rather than spending excessive time on data management and reporting tasks. 
  7. Data security and compliance: The robust security measures in place, including encryption of data in transit and at rest, access controls, and adherence to compliance standards, ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. This, in turn, mitigates the risks associated with unauthorised access or data breaches. 


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Next steps: Implementing the Reporting Warehouse


The Enquire Reporting Warehouse delivers comprehensive business value by improving decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency, communication and collaboration, and improving insights for continuous improvement. 

Interested to learn more about the Enquire Reporting Warehouse? These are the steps you can take to explore if it could benefit your organisation. 

  • See the Reporting Warehouse live in action
    Contact your success manager to schedule a personalised demo to the power of the Reporting Warehouse. Witness how it can revolutionise your data management, improves your decision making and ask any questions you may have.  
  • Get your Reporting Warehouse ready
    Enthusiastic and ready to go ahead? We will prepare your instance of the Reporting Warehouse connected to your Enquire application. It’ll be ready in no-time for you to get started.
  • Build reports to your heart’s content
    Empower your data and use the information to its full potential. Dashboards and visualisations will make it so much easier to communicate impact to stakeholders and your team will love the ability to stream data through to other systems to save time and collaborate easily. 


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