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A Data Migration Guide for Lifecycle Management Software

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Tactiv’s Guide to Migrating Grant, Contract and Reporting Data

Most organisations modernising their grant, contract or program management software are moving from a variety of different systems. Sometimes data is stored in Excel, and local databases, financial data in another system and contracts or project documents on a shared server or spread across a variety of shared folders. No need for alarm if this sounds like your organisation! This is typical and is a major driver for why organisations adopt a new software system.

At Tactiv we take a step-by-step approach to introducing a new grant, contract or program management system that addresses your organisation’s current and future requirements, resulting in a reliable, flexible solution mapped to your way of doing business. We assess your readiness and maturity to determine the best path to achieving a positive ROI and minimal change management impacts. This is all part of our philosophy of ensuring data-migration is a low-risk decision that allows your team to fully realise the benefits of digitising their business processes.

Based on our experience we offer this guide on data migration to help answer questions on what to migrate and why, as well as how to prioritise data for migration and implementation to ensure it serves your organisations goals.

Table of Contents

Data Requirements

Getting data migrated is one of the most time-consuming exercises. That’s why we advise you review your data migration requirements before you even begin looking at software. Consider the following:

  • what, if any, historical data needs to be in the new system?
  • if all the historical information is needed or only specific information (i.e. financial info or contacts)?
  • can data be easily exported from existing systems in standard formats like csv or json?
  • is current data in hard copy? If so, it may require scanning.
  • could using professional migration services save enough time and effort to make it worth it?

Start with listing your data assets and then determine the need and demand. You may need only active live data, reducing the need for historical data until a later date. Another option is an iterative data migration approach based on priority. Address priority data first, like contacts or financial data, then continue to work through other data. This supports you to bring business process online in your new system faster, using priority data in support of management needs.


Administration and Management Requirements

Some data is critical to administrative and management requirements. Without this data migrated your organisation may be exposed to unnecessary risk, or compliance issues.

Your data needs to be migrated if it:

  • needs to be continually monitored.
  • informs obligations or financial reporting.
  • informs risk management and business decision making.
  • supports enterprise search to assist audit, compliance, and legal teams.
  • forms an important part of your contacts or supplier records.
  • is used for IP management.

It is critical that management maintains an informed line of sight. If the data informs administration and management decision making it should always be migrated. Without this data results from the new system will be incomplete, creating risk and may result in requiring access to the old systems and other ad hoc practices, or even data loss. When in doubt, migrate first and make sure to back up any data from your previous system before decommissioning it.


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For organisations that must meet regulatory compliance demands, contribute to reporting frameworks, or need to support information requests data must be migrated and available. This is especially true if your organisation has mandatory reporting requirements – you can learn more about how lifecycle management software can manage these requirements here.


Make the data work for you

One of the most important goals for modernising a grant, contract or program management system is to streamline and improve business processes.
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The work to migrate data to a new software system may demands some attention and work. But it’s worth it too and may even help achieve a positive ROI more quickly than anticipated. Tactiv takes you through the process of data migration in a step-by-step approach where we work with you. Our experienced team ensures professional guidance and assistance wherever you need.

When migrating data into your new system, it’s beneficial to organise this in an advantageous way. This enables you to set up your new processes in the most efficient way using Enquire’s optimally. Enquire features a range of business process workflows and automations that can take advantage of your pre-existing data, to streamline your work, save time and improve your outcomes.


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