Guide to System Integrations with Enquire

Enquire is social, offering a wide range of integrations to your critical business systems.

It’s critical your key business systems work together in order to make your grant, contract and impact reporting as seamless and efficient as possible. Enquire was designed to be social so it can be integrated with a wide variety of business systems, including finance, HR and others.

Our guide provides some of the key systems we have experience in integrating with Enquire. It’s by no means exhaustive, so if you have questions about others integrations, talk to us.

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Enquire Integrations Guide
Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Transformation Guide


Guide to Transforming Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting with Enquire

Your digital transformation starts with Enquire.

Organisations face a lot of choices and changes when they modernise their grant management, contract management and impact report software. Our guide helps you know what to expect and plan for the future.

At Tactiv we have been working in the government, not-for-profit and impact sectors for 12+ years. Working directly with our clients we have developed a deep understanding of the stages and steps to successfully realising benefits from a digital transformation and how organisations can best manage the change.

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Guide to Managing Portfolios, Programs and Projects in Enquire.

Find out how Enquire supports a Portfolio-Program-Project hierarchy

Enquire is unique in the sector – it is the only software solution that recognises the portfolio-program-project hierarchy. This critical difference is important in managing funding and reporting on impact. The flexibility of the hierarchy provides our government and other clients an advantage in managing their programs.

Our portfolio-program-project capability vastly streamlines administration so you can manage multiple projects, support one or more programs and deliver results to one or more portfolios.

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Guide to Portfolio-Program-Project Management with Enquire

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