Integrate Financial Management to Improve Grant Management

Streamline your grant budget administration and management by integrating Enquire with your existing financial system.

Streamline your grant financial management and grant budget administration by integrating Enquire with your existing management system.

Enquire now supports a growing variety of key financial management systems including SAP. By interfacing Enquire with your financial management system you can connect your grant project budget data to ensure your financial system is always up to data and in sync.

By integrating these key systems you can improve financial management and reduce your administration overheads by ensuring payment processes and tracking are efficient, secure, and compliant with your contractual obligations.

Plus deliver accurate reporting with up-to-date budget information to support decision-making.

Key features include:

  • create and manage payment workflows
  • save time with bulk approvals
  • trust secure processing
  • improve data with automated validations
  • manage payment status
  • support audit and compliance reviews

Contact the Tactiv Help Desk to discuss integrating grant management to your financial management system.

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