Eliminate Offline Processes with Enquire’s Client Portal

Enquire’s Client Portal delivers grant managers an easy-to-use online solution that extends their ability to engage and collaborate with grantees directly.

Often engaging grantees on applications and reporting means paper-based processes. Many organisations use hard copy documents, pdfs, spreadsheets and other tools.

This can be a time and resource intensive process as staff are often following up with grantees or collating data from various documents and emails into different systems. It can introduce errors as data requires double handling to bring it into internal systems.

As a result, these offline processes or use of disparate systems result in unnecessary time and cost, and can result in significant bottlenecks. They reduce transparency and create unnecessary risks.

Extending system reach to grantees provides grant managers a secure and easy solution to eliminate disparate and offline reporting processes in two steps: for grantees to submit grant applications and reports on deliverables; and, for grant managers to extend workflows to connect all actors on the same record to streamline administrative time and cost, and eliminating duplicate data and processes.

Step 1. Submit Applications and Reports Online

Many organisations are still using offline forms or emails for applications and reporting on project deliverables. Often updates and approvals are done via signing a hard copy form. Applications, documents and reports end up scattered across a variety of channels.

Utilising Enquire Client Portal grantees can securely log in and complete their applications and reporting requirements. They can progressively deliver updates, saving and returning to make changes as needed. Grant managers can easily track applications and report status, with visibility on which reports have been sent, returned or are pending before following up with grantees or other internal staff. Reports can be scheduled in advance and due dates easily updated if timeframes change.

All engagements and changes made are tracked against the same record. These changes can be reviewed during approval. Audit logs ensure full traceability.

Step 2. Integrate Reporting Workflows

Enquire workflows support common business processes such as internal review and approval of applications and reports. An organisation may require reports to be reviewed by key personnel to ensure data is accurate. For example, a grant manager and a financial officer must review and approve a report before it is accepted.

Moving through a workflow in Enquire is a transparent process. Each actor in the workflow can see what workflow step is currently in progress and who is working on it. Steps can easily be handed back or reassigned.

Alerts and notifications can be triggered by workflow steps, so everyone is informed on their responsibilities at the right time. Grant managers can view and report on progress and status to proactively identify any issues or potential bottlenecks.

Enquire’s Client Portal delivers grant managers an easy-to-use online solution that extends their ability to engage and collaborate with grantees. With a single access point to data it delivers the highest integrity and reduces risk.

If you have questions on how to implement Enquire Client Portal to eliminate offline processes contact Tactiv Client Services today!

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