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Why Configurable Grant Management Software is the Way Forward

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Configurability in Grant Management Software

Configurable grant management software offers a range of benefits for organisations managing grants. The main one being that it streamlines their processes, but in a way that still aligns very much with their unique requirements. It seems obvious, but it really isn’t. Let’s dive in what that really means and what the underlying advantages are.

Before we start, it’s worth noting there are different degrees of configurability. Most configurable grant management software allows for a set up based on unique organisational requirements. This is often configured by the software provider. While this is useful, it can definitely be better.

A lot of other systems allow for the user to (partially) configure the software themselves. This is often a huge advantage for organisations, because they have control and it can come with large cost savings. Keep in mind that it differs per software how much technical knowledge is required to make these configurations.

Even better is the possibility to make changes on the fly. While processes are in place and have started changes can occur. It’s valuable to be able to update and reconfigure grant management software to reflect these changes. If this can be done by the user themselves, this would result in cost savings, shorter time frames and often a more accurate process.

Now that we know this, let’s dive deeper into what configurable grant management software really is. There are 7 key areas in which we can see the importance of configurable grant management software. Together, they’ll explain to you why it is the way forward.

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The benefits of configurable grant management software

Configurable grant software offers several benefits for organisations managing grants. Here are some key advantages:

Streamlined Grant Management Processes

Configurable grant software enables organisations to automate and streamline their grant management processes. By configuring the software to match their organisational process, workflows and needs, they can automate repetitive tasks, standardise processes, and reduce manual data entry. This saves time, reduces errors, and allows grant managers to focus on strategic activities and decision-making based on reliable information.

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Tailored to Organisational Needs

Configurable grant software allows organisations to customise the software to meet their specific requirements. It offers flexibility in adapting the system to match the organisation’s workflows, processes, and terminology. This ensures that the software aligns with the organisation’s unique grant management needs, enhancing efficiency and usability.

Additionally, when needs change it gives the organisation the opportunity to be responsive, adapt instantly and maintain efficiency.

Scalability and Growth

As organisations grow, their grant management needs evolve or the environment changes, configurable software can easily adapt to accommodate changing requirements. It provides the flexibility to scale up or down, add new features, and modify existing workflows. This ensures that the software remains relevant and supportive as the organisation’s grant portfolio expands or changes over time or if environmental or public demands and regulations shift.


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Improved Reporting and Analytics

Configurable grant software allows organisations to collect, organise and store information according to their exact needs. This in turns provides the ability to generate customised reports and gain valuable insights through data analysis. By configuring the software to capture relevant data points and key performance indicators (KPIs), organisations can generate comprehensive reports and analytics dashboards that look at the data they are interested in. This enables data-driven decision-making, impact assessment, and effective communication with stakeholders.

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Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Configurable grant software facilitates collaboration and communication among team members, grant managers, applicants and stakeholders. It can be configured to provide access controls, task assignments, and notifications, enabling efficient collaboration and ensuring that everyone has access to the necessary information in a timely fashion. This fosters transparency, improves teamwork, and enhances communication throughout the grant management lifecycle. Additionally, it promotes data accuracy and auditability as well.

A good example are workflows with collaboration functionality, which can be used to streamline amendment processes, contract management and document management.


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Compliance and Risk Management

Configurable grant software helps organisations ensure compliance with grant regulations and manage potential risks. Changes in regulations can swiftly be responded to by adjusting the process. It can be configured to incorporate compliance checks, reminders for reporting deadlines, and document management features. This reduces the risk of non-compliance, supports accurate and timely reporting, and strengthens overall risk management processes.

Integration with Existing Systems

Configurable grant software can be integrated with other systems and applications used by the organisation, such as accounting software, CRM systems, or project management tools. This allows for seamless data exchange, eliminating manual data entry, and improving data accuracy and consistency across systems. It can also provide large reductions in time spent verifying and looking for information across systems.


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The Way Forward

By being able to streamline grant management processes, align them to organisational requirements and scaling up and down as needed, organisations have framework to get from their system what they need. It provides efficiency, accuracy and transparency, which is the foundation to measure, report and continuously improve.

The structure a grant system offers lends itself to adhere to compliance and regulations, even when these are constantly changing.

Additionally, information is collected, organised and stored in a way needed by the organisation, which allows for easy and tailored reporting. Therefore, demonstrating results to stakeholders becomes much more relevant and complete. Ultimately, these outcomes together support organisations’ overall success in managing funding and creating positive impact for environment and communities.

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