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The Grant Management Software Tool for Oversight on Commitments

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Why oversight on grant commitments is so important

Grant management is a complex process with many moving parts. These parts require monitoring, attention, and timely action in order to get the intended outcomes. It’s crucial to have effective oversight to ensure that commitments are met and the desired results are achieved. To accomplish this, organisations need to leverage the power of technology to streamline the process, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. It is essential for impactful outcomes to utilise a grant management software tool that provides oversight on commitments.

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A grant management software tool provides an intuitive and centralised platform to manage and track grants throughout their lifecycle – connecting the dots for oversight. It enables organisations to streamline communication, automate processes, and monitor progress in real-time, improving accountability and transparency. One of the critical features of a grant management software tool is the dashboard, which provides a clear overview of the status of all grants in real-time.


How dashboards are a tool for grant management oversight

Dashboards are a visual representation of the data that helps grant managers to monitor progress, performance and make data-driven decisions. It offers a summary of the most important metrics and indicators, such as the grant budget, milestones achieved, and progress towards objectives. The dashboard enables grant managers to quickly identify areas that need attention, track progress, and take action where necessary.

Grant Management Software Tool Dashboard

In Enquire, you can configure dashboard metrics aligned with your objectives, such as payments or data objects from portfolio, round, project or client reports. These will display as numbers and graphs on your dashboard screen in the software. You have an overview of the metrics important to you at a glance. Additionally, you can click on the data to navigate directly from your dashboard to the relevant record.


Turn grant management oversight into action

Oversight on commitments is step one – taking action on outstanding tasks needs to follow. Streamlined communication and notifications are important features of grant management software tools to act on commitments. These features enable grant managers to communicate with stakeholders, such as applicants, funders, and stakeholders, efficiently and in real-time. It ensures that everyone is kept informed of any changes in the grant process, such as deadlines, milestones, and reporting requirements.

Communication between grant managers, applicants and stakeholders goes via the Enquire platform. It ensures all information remains in one place and records are automatically reconciled. Additionally, it provides a structured and transparent channel for requesting project updates, amendments and client reporting. Automated notifications keep all parties on track, meet deadlines and it ensures a streamlined grant lifecycle. The status of commitments and metrics are updated in dashboards to reflect the current status of projects, milestones and tasks.

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Automate processes for actionable grant management

In addition to dashboards and streamlined communication, good grant management software tools offer workflow capability. Workflows help with standardisation and objectivity promoting an equitable process. Not less important, they save time. Grant management workflows can be used for document management and project amendments, but also for the assessment process. It requires that grant applications are evaluated based on set criteria and that the best applications are selected for funding.

Assessment workflows are a powerful tool in Enquire’s arsenal of grant management software features, ensuring that grant applications are reviewed and approved in a timely and efficient manner. Configurable to your organisational needs, they take pressure of the grant management team and promote efficiency and quality, with direct time savings as a result. In combination with dashboards and streamlined communication it forms a strong foundation for Enquire’s modern grant management software.


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The powerful combination of grant management software tools

Grant management software tools provide oversight on commitments, streamline communication, automate processes, monitor progress in real-time and ensure outstanding tasks are identified and addressed promptly. They reduce the administrative burden on grant managers, improves efficiency, and safeguards that grant activities are completed on time.

Dashboards are critical features of grant management software tools that provide a clear overview of the status of all grants, enabling grant managers to make data-driven decisions. Combined with streamlined communication, notifications and workflows, they automated processes with clear monitoring checkpoints keep your grants on track for better results.

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