5 Ways Enquire Project Portfolio Management Helps You Stay in Control of Program Management

With Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) project managers enjoy a suite of tools designed to make it easier to manage multiple projects to streamline and improve program management.

5 Ways Enquire Project Portfolio Management Helps You Stay in Control of Program Management

Here are 5 Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) features that will make a difference to you and your organisation's program management:

1) Program and project hierarchy

Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) clients often deliver projects that are linked, delivering outputs or results to an overarching plan.

A plan can be in response to a government environment strategy, health goals or any type of priority. Through connecting plans to programs, or even sub-programs, project managers can better maintain control and visibility of each investor’s commitments, contractual obligations and delivery responsibilities.

2) Connecting Projects to contractual obligations

Many organisations need to improve their financial program management and delivery of contractual obligations, especially when they manage multiple projects.

It is not only the effort to manage multiple projects, but more importantly the ability to use one centralised system so project managers can easily interact with all their projects, data, and their project obligations. 

Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) incorporates modules to support contact management helping connect all supplier, and other stakeholder, contact records with alerts and tracking to ensure delivery and payments are managed.

3) Project performance reporting

With the ability to manage multiple projects in Enquire project managers can identify outputs and KPIs, and apply them to investor contracts. This can save time and money through delivering consistent reporting that is practically automated.

These performance results can be rolled up to the program level for enhanced reporting, or even be incorporated into other projects or programs of work so that results achieved in one project that support another are linked and managed. For example, a wetland conservation program can also include deliverables that contribute to reforesting project.

4) Project status reporting

Getting overall project snapshots or views showing the status of all projects can save project managers a lot of time and energy.

Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offers graphical reporting, Gantt style reports and a variety of other methods to search and filter information so generating project, or program, reports can be as consistent and as detailed or expansive as necessary.

Using Enquire these program management reports can be run ad hoc or scheduled and automated. With customisable data capture Enquire can support over 1 million different data options that can contribute to improved reporting.

5) One license, no limits

Tactiv’s Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is offered with a very simple and straightforward license, a monthly payment covering as many projects as you need to manage. There are no restrictions, bandwidth and traffic limits, storage charges or fees based on the value of projects managed.

Your Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) license is user based and gives you complete freedom to manage multiple projects of any size or volume. All you need is an internet connection and internet browser for 24/7/365 Enquire access, anywhere, anytime.

There is no need to compromise, be it 1 project or 1000 projects, Enquire Project Portfolio Management (PPM) offers full lifecycle project management to support any type of organisation. Connect milestones, outputs and results across projects. Easily report on a portfolio, program and projects to support and improve decision-making.

Flexible, configurable and scalable options mean managing multiple projects or programs of work is possible all within one system. 

Contact Tactiv for more information on our Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution for program management.

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