Streamline Progress Reporting for Grants and Projects

Enquire makes progress reporting fast and efficient with our easy to use Enquire Client Portal. Streamline business processes, eliminate disparate systems and duplicate data, and reduce offline processes to improve reporting for your funding program.

Engaging with grantees through the Enquire Client Portal means interactions are accessible and secure. It removes the need for offline spreadsheets and processes ensuring the same record is updated accurately and with full traceability.

Here are 4 easy steps to empower your team and grantees throughout the full grant lifecycle to benefit from streamlined reporting processes.

1. Add report to project

Select type of report, due date and assignee.

2. Request the report

This will send an email notification to the grantee advising them to log in and complete their report via the Enquire Client Portal.

3. Request report amendments

View updates from grantees. Enquire’s View Changed Data feature clearly labels and highlights changes.

4. Approve the report

The reported data will be updated against the grant upon approval. A PDF copy of the report can be generated and is stored against the grant for reference and traceability.

Streamline your grant reporting requirements with Enquire’s easy to use reporting capabilities. With Enquire grant managers can ensure a greater level of confidence in their data, data accuracy and data timeliness to support real-time reporting.

If you have questions on how you can improve your program’s reporting processes get in touch with Tactiv Client Services today!

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