Group and Manage Your CRM Contacts Easily in Enquire

Managing clients, stakeholders, project team members and suppliers has never been easier. Now create, group, filter, sort and organise all your important CRM contacts in Enquire CRM.

Enquire clients need the ability to tag and group CRM contact records into groupings that are relevant to their organisation and business in order to improve contacts management. With recent upgrades to Enquire this is now possible with the new “entity type” feature.

Set Up Contact Groups

Enquire administrators can now define a standard set of groupings as entity types that can be used across all your CRM contact records.

The new CRM contact entity type feature allows you to easily organise your CRM records in a standardised manner against groupings?that makes sense for your organisation.

Assigning Contact Records

After setting up the groupings you need, you can identify a CRM contact record to be a supplier, investor or any applicable group?that has been setup and is relevant to your organisation.

Assign CRM Contacts to Multiple Groups

Often CRM contacts need to appear in a number of different groups reflecting different relationships to your organisation. Using Enquire CRM’s new features, once you have set up your entity types, your CRM contact records can be allocated to one or multiple entity types that can be easily sorted, filtered or searched through the CRM dashboard.

Whenever needed Enquire clients can easily export the filtered set of records for offline purposes using the standard CRM dashboard export.

Find detailed instructions on creating and managing new Enquire CRM contact record groupings, as well as editing, searching and exporting CRM contact records at the Enquire Help site, or contact our Help Desk on +61 7 3846 1555.

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