Enquire Grantcycle Management Software Successful in Queensland Government’s Grants Management System and Services Panel

In November 2015 Enquire Grantcycle Management software system was approved for inclusion on the Queensland Government’s Grants Management System and Services Panel.

In November 2015 Tactiv’s Enquire Grant Management software system was approved for inclusion on the Queensland Government’s Grant Management System and Services Panel. Enquire was assessed against a number of criteria in a pre-qualification process with the establishment of the Grants Management Model program in 2014. The Panel’s objective is to ensure the consistency, quality, reliability and integrity of Queensland Government grants management information.

Tactiv Pty Ltd, developer of Enquire, looks forward to working with Queensland Government agencies to achieve the Panel’s intended improvements that will come as a result of this initiative in grants management and administration.

Enquire Grant Management is an industry leader in providing organisations a whole of lifecycle grant program management system. The system offers capability from online grant application publishing and supporting grant applicants through to grant project, contract, budget and reporting management. Enquire is used throughout government, health, international aid and natural resources management organisations in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Enquire’s initial development was co-funded by the State and Commonwealth Governments to help support and manage grant funded projects across regional Natural Resource Management bodies. The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines has used Enquire extensively since 2005.

More recently, Enquire Grant Management was implemented by the Queensland’s Department of National Parks, Sports and Recreation.

With many years of experience in the Queensland government sector, Enquire has continually developed new features that directly support the Queensland government’s needs, including successfully interfacing with SAP and other 3rd party enterprise systems.

“We are committed to the Queensland government and we are focused on being the system of choice for the Queensland Government.” says Damien Zeller COO. “Enquire empowers clients to focus on their core business, not designing or developing grant management software. Clients can flexibly configure Enquire to meet their business process requirements, ensuring they can respond to best practice grants administration now and in the future.”

“We have learned a lot through our 10 years of experience in the grant management sector. We can deliver flexible and agile solutions that suit our client’s needs and help them realise their goals. This is a core value for our team and our company,” Damien concludes.

For more information on Enquire, please contact us or call us directly on +61 7 3846 1555.

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