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Interactive Client Engagement

Case management built on up-to-date data, integration with all stakeholders and interactive relationship management between service providers and the client.

Enquire connects all relationships and interactions, both external and across internal divisions, to transform case management. Minimise gaps, avoid duplication in service delivery, and promote efficient use resources.

Identify, Assess and Engage

Build a single view of each case to incorporate client, incident and engagement within and across departments.

  • Manage contacts and their case specific engagements
  • Integrate assessments including external stakeholders
  • Plan and align case needs to service delivery
Enquire Case Administration

Streamline Case Administration and Service Delivery

Service delivery demands more efficient administration through transformation of offline processes and disparate existing online processes and systems.

Enquire Case Management offers a single system and unified point of truth, with the configurability and flexibility to reduce the costs of back office business process management.

Automate and Adapt Business Processes

Easily configure administrative and service delivery management to the needs of target client groups.

  • Create, reuse and automate workflows
  • Manage roles for access, information and interactions
  • Integrate data across other enterprise systems
Enquire Case Management

Enhance Outcomes and Accountability

Case management is about delivering the services to achieve planned outcomes.

The ability to monitor and analyse case data helps programs adjust, reconfigure and learn. Scrutiny of the public sector and demand for more effective use of resources means case management must inform performance management and support accountability.

Monitor, Analyse and Report

Case data supports analysis, reporting and audit evaluations to help manage risks and inform decision-making.

  • Track and manage all interactions and data
  • Pro-active analyse to intervene, adjust and improve
  • Monitor and report to ensure compliance
Enquire Case Management

Powering you to do good, better.

Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting software streamlines administration, enhances visibility and improves reporting across our 3 ready to implement easy to use online best practice solutions.

Enquire Grant Management Software
  • Manage any number of grant projects
  • Connect contracts, budgets and project schedules
  • Integrated solution from application to reporting

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Enquire Contract Management Software
  • Administer contract process with online workflows
  • Schedule contract generation, view and verify contract status and review changes
  • Manage all contract related documents

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Enquire Impact Reporting Software
  • Easily track against plans, KPIs & impact goals
  • Capture data and communicate results
  • Improve investor reporting relationships

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The Enquire™ Advantage

Leading cloud-based software as a service solution for grant, contract and impact reporting for Government Agencies, Not-for-Profits, Corporates and Foundations since 2005.

Online, easy to use and secure best practice software with full support.

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    Web Based,
    Available 24/7/365

  • Built-on-Best-Practice-Standards

    Built on Best
    Practice Standards

  • Enterprise-Class-Solution

    Class Solution

  • Software-as-a-Service-(Saas)-License

    Software as a Service
    (Saas) License

  • Integrate-with-Existing-Systems

    Integrate with
    Existing Systems

  • Monthly-User-Based-Pricing

    Monthly User-Based

  • Full-Support-and-Training

    Full Support
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  • No-Bandwidth-or-Hosting-Fees

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