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Tactiv provides a full range of options to work with partners on configuration, implementation and integrations.


Tactiv’s Enquire software specialising in business processes optimisation. As a company we engage daily with a ranch of clients, consultants, integration specialists, as well as IT and technical specialists.

Enquire is designed to be simple, social, stable and secure so clients can configure processes, data and other flexible options to meet their day to day needs.

Business requirements, demanding timelines, specialty integrations and significant change management within organisations under going digital transformation often mean working with partners to ensure clients achieve their outcomes.

Tactiv provides a full range of options to work with partners on configuration, implementation and integrations.

Configuration specialists:

Managing a project or advising on solution options?

Tactiv can provide demonstrations, deep insights, training and solution implementation that meet’s your needs.

Our project implementation methodology supports partnering with internal or external specialist resources who can help develop business requirements, advise and support process mapping to ensure an Enquire solution is fit for purpose.

Additionally Tactiv consultants can train and work with configuration specialists resources who require a long term relationship.

Implementation specialists:

Charged with implementing a solution for clients?

Tactiv’s Enquire offers a range or product options and configurability with over 30 specialist modules meaning you can deliver a bespoke solution without writing a line of code.

Focus on results and ensuring clients’ achieve their outcomes by working with Tactiv developers, consultants and trainers to support your client facing services.

Integration Specialists:

Tasked to optimise business processes across enterprise systems?

Enquire is designed for sociability with other systems. We have built in the capability to integrate easily and securely with a wide range of 3rd party systems, including Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP and other critical enterprise systems.

Tactiv offers standard API options to ensure seamless process alignment, as well as API development services.

If you are interested in opportunities to engage with Tactiv, understand how Enquire can help you meet your client needs or want to expand your service offering, contact us today.

Interested in opportunities to partner with Tactiv?

Understand how Enquire can help you meet your client needs and expand your service offering, contact us today.

  • The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade uses Enquire to manage their $2.2 billion International Aid program. With a Portfolio/Project approach the Ministry can manage all their program and contracts worldwide.

  • The NSW Office of Emergency Management utilises Enquire to manage their competitive grants program using both the Management Portal and the Client Portal to seamlessly connect grant applications through external assessors, to contract award and acquittal processes.

  • The Queensland Government utilises Enquire to manage online applications, assessment workflows, contracts and payments integrating with financial systems and supporting program wide workflow management and performance reporting.

  • Wine Australia supports a prosperous Australian grape and wine community. Enquire provides Wine Australia with a grants management system that supports online applications and assessment.

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