Online Grant Applications: First Step in Full Lifecycle Grant Management

Publishing online grant applications is a critical first step towards improving full lifecycle grant program management.

Publishing online grant applications is a critical first step towards improving full lifecycle grant program management. Pairing online grant applications with integrated assessment workflows, and high quality data capture and validation organisations can realise significant benefits and reduce administrative burden.

Accepting, processing and managing grant applications and responses can be a significant challenge to many organisations, be they not-for-profit, NRM, government or commercial operations.

Full lifecycle management of grant programs is often hampered, right from the start, with organisations frequently using separate systems and processes to capture grant applications, store expressions of interest, assess eligibility, communicate grant review results and manage the applicant details. Data is frequently collated from a variety of systems without the benefit of a trusted reference or direct connection to a single central baseline data set.

A full lifecycle grant management solution should start with integrating the online grant application process directly with assessment workflows and sound data management practices.

Using Tactiv’s Enquire Grantcycle Management organisations can harness an advanced grant program management solution that supports the ability create configurable grant application forms that can be published online.

Grant application forms can be aligned and integrated with assessment workflows to support efficient traceable application review. Grant application data is improved with repeatable and standardised capture, automated form validations and 3rd party services to support verifications, such as confirmation of tax registration status.

Capturing grant applications through online applications also ensures every grant application is stored in one place so information is easy to retrieve and available to all team members and decision-makers. Workflows to process grant applications and support decision-making processes are enhanced because the data is properly managed in a single system drawing on the same and most up-to-date record.

Designing grant application forms with stages that are integrated with assessment workflows, backed by alerts and tracking, provides organisations the power to control and manage the end-to-end process with transparency, traceability and compliance to policies and regulations.

Grant application status and project reporting is enhanced through integrating online grant applications, assessment workflows and improved data management by reducing barriers between systems, business processes and supporting teams.

A grant management software solution must meet the full end-to-end lifecycle for grant information management, including publishing grant applications online.

With Enquire Grantcycle Management online grant applications can be fully integrated with assessment workflows, and data validation and verification so organisations can fully benefit from time and cost savings and improved data management.

For more information on publishing grant applications online and assessment workflows contact Tactiv at +61 7 3846 1555.

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