3 New Features for Enquire’s Grant Management Software

Enquire will soon release a range of new and exciting grant management features, including an applicant portal to improve end-to-end grant, contract and project management.

Enquire will soon release a range of new and exciting grant management features, including an applicant portal to improve end-to-end grants, contract and project management. These new developments promise to deliver seamless, integrated whole of lifecycle grants management with flexibility to meet any business challenge.

Over the past year Enquire steadily added new and innovative features, including BYO templates (build you own templates), support for grant rounds, a reporting portal for advanced project reporting, and innovative CRM changes to support many-to-many relationships.

In 2015 Enquire is focused on 3 key areas to improve grant management: supporting client configurability; a customisable applicant portal for self-registration and grant applications; and, dynamic workflows to support eligibility and assessment. In addition Enquire clients can look forward to new initiatives to improve client support.

1. Client Configurability
Using Enquire’s 65+ smart components and customisable data fields Enquire will offer a new level of configurability unparalleled in grant management software. Client configurable options offer a level of integration and improvements in efficiently administering and managing grant programs and business processes.

From automating processes and integrating data Enquire clients can create their own highly specialised online workflows, application forms or grant reporting capabilities based on their business requirements without the need to undertake any technical or development work.

Client configurability options are fully integrated throughout all Enquire grant management tools, so they can be deployed on any data or process, from supporting grant assessments to project reporting saving time and effort in business administration and management.

2. Applicant Portal
Enquire’s new grant Applicant Portal will allow clients to offer online registration for grants and ability to publish online application forms for grant opportunities. The Applicant Portal’s processes and capabilities will be fully integrated with the entire Enquire software system, and incorporating client configurability options, clients can truly design an end-to-end process for managing the entire grant lifecycle.

The grant Applicant Portal offers the general public or invited public users the ability to self-register for grants, manage their applications and offers organisations the ability to create, configure and publish their grant application forms online.

The Applicant Portal will support interaction throughout the grant application process. This includes returning to the application process to continue, review details, add comments and other business processes required. The Applicant Portal will be integrated with Enquire CRM and Enquire Document Management tools to support identity recognition so grant applicants can securely save and return to access information and participate in the application processing steps.

3. Eligibility and Assessment Tools
Effective internal administration and management of grant applications relies on creating and aligning eligibility and assessment workflows that are integrated with online registrations and grant application forms.

Using Enquire’s client configurability tools clients can create and customise an eligibility and assessment process appropriate for different types of applicants or grant program requirements, including how grant acquittals are triggered and reporting is delivered. Clients can design highly interactive workflows with complete control over the assessment criteria, timeframes, custom data requirements, verifications and validations as well as tracking and status reporting.

Client Service and Support
This year Enquire will introduce a new web-based support ticketing system to be more responsive, allow issue tracking and improve direct interaction between clients, Help Desk and the support team. Alongside telephone support and the enQuire help site clients will continue to see improvements in the range and options for support.

These key developments deliver the most advanced and complete whole of lifecycle grants management system while respecting the custom needs of each client. Ongoing product improvements will deliver more options and features that directly meet the most demanding needs of our clients across diverse business areas, from supporting natural resource management grant programs to international aid and health project delivery.

For more information on Enquire’s grant management software and these new features please contact us.

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