Predictable and flexible role based plans.

Role and user based, manage programs of any value with no additional charges, hosting or bandwidth restrictions.

Enquire License Plans

Enquire offers Administration, Management and Client portals. The Administration portal is for system administration and configuration. while the Management Portal is the primary dashboard for internal team members.

Enquire’s Client portal is an external facing, brand-able portal to engage with applicants, suppliers, clients , project reporting agents and other stakeholders. 

This flexibility allows organisations to create a purpose fit plan that suits their engagement needs and budget. Enquire plans can be scaled up as needed, permanently or temporarily.

Enquire Plans are based on the number of regular, casual and lite users. Lite users are typical read-only, provide the ability to submit reports or applications.

Plans can be per annum or pay as you go monthly. For volumes 50 users and up, Tactiv provides discounted pricing.

Plan Inclusions

  • Unlimited Data and Bandwidth
  • System Hosting and Upgrades
  • Online Support Ticketing 
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Online Help Knowledge Base
  • Application Management
  • Email Support
  • Testing and Training Environment
  • Data Storage/Back-ups
  • Security Management

Enquire’s user based license plans are designed to eliminate the substantial expenses organisations face managing, maintaining and supporting software systems in-house. Included in the standard Enquire Management Portal license:

Project delivery, including customisation, configuration and data migration and implementation are priced separately and are dependent on each client’s requirements.

Eliminate costly custom development and expensive infrastructure.

Benefit from Tactiv’s predictable and flexible plans to suit the needs of every organisation. Get a quote!

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