Software Solutions

Tactiv’s Enquire solution is designed to support the needs of medium to large sized government departments and agencies that require a highly configurable whole of lifecycle enterprise grant management software.


From supporting online grant applications and applicants through to managing grants, projects, contracts, budgets and reporting, Enquire offers configurable options to meet requirements.


As a SaaS system, offered via industry leading cloud based hosting, Enquire is both flexible and scalable to the needs of any organisation.


Enquire can be configured in specialised situations to support on-site or private/hybrid cloud requirements.


Enquire Grants

Benefit from a grant management system designed for the entire grant lifecycle.


  • Manage any number of grant projects
  • Connect contracts, budgets and project schedules
  • Integrated solution from application to reporting

Enquire Contracts

Simple-to-use features to improve contract administration and management.


  • Administer contract process with online workflows
  • Schedule contract generation, view and verify contract status and review changes
  • Manage all contract related documents

Enquire Projects

Manage and administer a grant project’s entire lifecycle online in a single integrated solution.


  • Employ best practice project management
  • Streamline processes to increase capacity
  • Deliver project status, performance and financial reports

Enquire CRM

Integrate contacts comprehensively across your grant, contract and project management.


  • Maintain detailed contact profiles
  • Align contacts to project responsibilities
  • Support secure system access and single sign on

Enquire Docs

Simple, practical and effective document management for all grant project documents.


  • Store all project documents together
  • Work from the same document and same version
  • Secure access and availability online