Project Management

enQuire™ Project Management allows for Centralised End-to-End Detailed Reporting

Project Management

enQuire™ provides Project, Program and Portfolio managers with a robust and customisable project management tool-set.

Support the end-to-end project life-cycle from initiation through to closure. Store, track and manage all project assets within the one centralised system.

Various methods are available for Project Managers to initiate a project in enQuire™. Reduce duplicated effort by migrating the project application process online.

Offline excel templates can be used by staff to create project applications and then imported online to enQuire™ creating electronic records.

Alternatively online project applications can be filled into a branded Expression Of Interest form through a web interface by applicants.

Track and manage the assessment of project applications through customisable work flows.

Activate projects once approved then date and user stamp actions within enQuire™ providing your organisation with accountability.

The seamless integration with enQuire’s Contract Management module ensures your organisation is only entering data once, reducing redundant data entry tasks.

Manage project tasks and key events through enQuire’s integrated Project Tracking module.

Monitor project progress through standardised reporting workflows. Map project locations using GIS, manage finances and team contacts, align key performance indicators and targets, generate alerts, attach project documents and create PDF or RTF project factsheets.

Archive completed projects and store the history within enQuire™ to provide your organisation with a thorough Project Information System.

Visit the enQuire™ website or contact the Tactiv team to find out more about enQuire™ and request a demo.

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