Plan Alignment & Reporting

enQuire™ Plan Alignment and Reporting allows you to Conceptualise, Plan, Target and Understand.

Plan Alignment

With enQuire™ you can create or migrate documents, such as corporate and business plans, online and track your activities against short, medium and long-term targets.

Plans can be configured as internal organisational documents or alternatively externalised for alignment and reporting against by stakeholders outside your organisation.

Raise awareness providing organisation-wide and external access to objectives and targets. Offer visibility to a wide range of contributions towards a defined set of strategic goals.

The content and structure of these roadmap documents is easily accessible through the intuitive interface.

User experience is enhanced by migrating online as you can easily navigate and search to access specific levels of your plans.

Setup multiple plans in enQuire™ and establish links between these plans. Once setup start aligning your projects and activities, and then track KPI’s against specific elements within the plan.

enQuire™ ensures you can now not only check how you’re tracking against set targets internally, but also see how external stakeholders are delivering on a shared set of targets.

Visit the enQuire™ website or contact the Tactiv team to find out more about enQuire™ and request a demo.

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