Customer Relationship Management

Tactiv’s Customer Relationship Management solutions will support you managing interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

Customer Relationship Management

The successfully implementation of a CRM solution goes far beyond technology. Change management, information workflow, and system usability are each essential elements of a successful implementation.

Tactiv identifies the questions that help inform the solution. Do you need:

  • A central place to store all your contact records
  • The ability to capture information about your interactions with your customers and suppliers
  • The ability to create and manage contact lists
  • Integration into your project and contract management
  • Sales activity management and marketing
  • Customer service and technical support systems

Select the right set of functions and modules can be critical to the systems success and your return on investment.

Tactiv’s enQuire™ CRM solution enables you the flexibility, and user ability to manage your customer, client and supplier information.

A flexible architecture and interface supports integration into your other business process.

Visit the enQuire™website or contact the Tactiv team to find out what customer relationship management solutions we have to streamline your information management processes.

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