Contract Management

enQuire™ Contract Management allows for Standardisation, Consistency, Tracking, and Schedule Administration.

Contract Management

enQuire’s Contract Management solution allows management to identify, control, and mitigate any risk in business agreements. Creating an end-to-end life-cycle through a single system.

Configure customised contracts to match your existing templates. Future changes to contracts can be self-managed at an organisation-wide level within enQuire™.

Contract templates are created and then can be applied across your entire project portfolio.

Flexibility exists to append individual contracts with special conditions and clauses as required.

enQuire’s Contract Generation Module allows you to setup:

  • Specific cover pages with header images
  • Specific Terms & conditions
  • Signature Blocks
  • Customised Headers and Footers
  • Dynamic contract schedules
  • Contracts can be generated in RTF or PDF format and then printed, saved or emailed.

enQuire™ becomes the central repository for your contract requirements.

Integrating the Contract and Project management modules allows your organisation to manage the entire project life-cycle based on a single source of data.

enQuire™ has embedded version control allowing for clear traceability through each amendment of a contract.

Managing your contracts has never been easier with enQuire’s Contract Dashboard, which tracks the status of each contract within the system.

Alerts can be configured and recipients defined throughout each status validation.

Reduce the time administrating contracts whilst ensuring rigorous processes are followed throughout the contract management lifecycle.

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