Business Solutions

Enquire is a highly configurable software platform built on micro-service technology. Over 20 modules can be combined to provide you a full featured enterprise software solution, that your users will love.


Our services not only encompass the day-to-day operations and maintenance of Enquire, but also all support requirements, speciality hosting options, configuration and training services.


The Enquire Help Desk currently supports the needs of over 1500 active Enquire users and thousands of their clients. Training services are provided on site or remotely, and training is tailored to address specific client requirements.


For clients who require additional support, Tactiv offers an Enterprise Support Services plan, providing direct support for applicants, which is flexible to the program’s need and includes dedicated reporting.


Enquire clients have 24/7 access to comprehensive online help materials and newsletters.


Enquire is Tactiv Pty Ltd’s industry leading grant, contract and project management software solution.

Enquire was developed to more efficiently administer, manage and report on projects involving grant funding. Initially developed for the natural resources management (NRM) sector in Australia it has since grown in popularity with not-for-profits, health, government, environment and commercial organisations in Australia and worldwide.