About Tactiv

We are Tactiv and we build and support robust software that assists governments, corporate organisations and non-profits in the distribution and management of grants and social programs. We have been in the business since 2005, so we get what our clients do and what they need.


We want people to love our products, because we do! Our talented team constantly innovates, designs, develops and releases improved functionality, new integrations, and a fresh user experience. Speaking of talent, we have a lot of it. Tactiv’s experienced and passionate team forms the backbone of Tactiv – in fact 80% of the company is owned by employees. Forecast growth will see our team grow by another 50% in the next three years.


We dream about world domination. Not in an evil genius way, but in a way that sees every government department using our products to manage grants and social programs. Our national market opportunity is big, the international market is huge.


Billion dollars worth of grants managed through enQuire


The year enQuire started as a project


Percent FTE savings possible with enQuire adoption

Who’s Onboard?

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